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if you want to get the admission you can go to Google and google the question that is all i can give you

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Q: How can get admission for BA in YCMOU in Mumbai?
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How can get admission for BA in ycmou in thane?

find out YCMOU cource supported collages near by you approche them tehy will guide you.

Where to download ATKT forms for fyba ycmou?


Where are YCMOU admissions center in western mumbai?

grant road

Where is the study center of ycmou in mumbai in fyba?

At dyansadhana college thane

Address of regional center of ycmou in mumbai?

near by mira road

Ba 1st year exam date from ycmou nashik?


When de.d admission started in Mumbai?

pease give me a information when admission started in mumbai...for FYBCom

Where will you get form for fybcom?

I want to take admission in f.y. where should i get admission form, in Mumbai Please give address of Mumbai, where i can take form Yashwantrao open university form in Mumbai center , Mumbai Regards, Upendra

How do you get admission in Mumbai University for tyba?

Have just passed syba how to get admission for tyba

How do you do PhD in Mumbai university?

by taking admission.

What is the minimum percentage needed to get admission for Bsc IT in mumbai?

Minimum 45% is required to get the admission

How to apply for btech admission in ime university Mumbai?

hey sir i am diploma(meachnicial) completed in 2011 and stduy in btech admission apply in university mumbai