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How can goitre be prevented?

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Goiter is the result of a dietary deficiency, insufficient iodine, and occurs in areas where the foods that people eat do not contain enough iodine because they do not routinely eat seafood and the soils in which their food is grown lacks iodine that can be taken up by the plants.

Because seafood normally is a rich source of iodine, those populations with access to fish were historically less likely to experience goiter.

Routine consumption of seafood was a very early means of preventing or treating goiter. In more recent decades, the addition of iodine to salt (iodized salt) used on food has prevented goiter in most developed countries.

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What is a prevention of goitre?

Goitre is prevented by having iodine in your diet. Some table salt includes iodine for this very reason.

How can goiter be prevented?

Iodine deficiency was the cause of goitre, but salt's have been iodised so this is no longer a problem. Certain foods have a tendency to produce goitre like the cabbage, cauliflower, mustard and rape seeds (Brassica family) and can be avoided if you have goitre

What causes goitre?

goitre is less of iodine percent in our body

When did Roberto Goitre die?

Roberto Goitre died in 1980.

When was Roberto Goitre born?

Roberto Goitre was born in 1927.

How can a goiter be prevented?

Colloid goitres are worldwide, but are very common in areas of iodine deficiency (endemic goitre). They can be prevented by the administration of iodine to the entire community, which also prevents the other manifestations of endemic iodine deficiency (iodine embryopathy, etc.).

Is goitre an acute and non infectious?

goitre is an acute and non-infectious disease

What is correct goiter or goitre?

Both are correct, Goiter is american English, goitre is British English.

Is goitre a good indicater of iodine deficiency?

The goitre is used as a biological marker for iodine deficiency. Goitre manifestation indicates that other damaging effects of iodine deficiency are already present.

What is the difference between simple goitre and exothalamic goitre?

SIMPLE Goitre:1) Caused due to under secretion of thyroid gland. 2)Symptoms :Disproportionate swelling of the neck. Exothalamic Goitre:1)Caused due to hyper secretion of thyroid gland. 2)Symptoms:protruding eyes.

What rhymes with goitre?


The lack of which nutrient causes goitre?

the main nutrient for goitre is the lack of movement that you do and the man symptons are that u will get lump nside your neck which only moves up and down.

Why is goitre called as an endemic disease?

goitre occurs in particular place and it is restricted to particular areas , so gitre is called an endemic disease.

Goitre of pyrimidal lobe?

the white house

What are the diseases caused by lack of vitamin A?


What is the disease goitre?

goiter is a enlargement of thyroid gland

What disease is caused by inadequate intake of iodine?


Who is a famous goitre doctor in patna bihar state?

There are a few famous Goitre doctors in the Patna Bilhar state. The most popular doctor is Anugrah Narayan Sinha.

Can you die from goitre?

Yes if not monitored and treated by a capable Physician.

What is the causes of goitre?

Hyperactivity of the thyroid gland, usually enlarged.

What would happen if there is less intake of iodine?

leads to goitre

Goiter what are dietary precautions to be taken for a multinodular goitre?


The patient also has an enlarged thyroid gland called?

A goitre.

What is necessary to prevent goitre?

avoid the use of goitorogenic substances

How is Goitre caused?

It is caused by Iodine deficiency which causes swelling in the throat