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Two different American History books described the actions of General Greene outside of Charleston, South Carolina, at the end of the American Revolutionary War.

General Greene would not let the British Army send out wagons to purchase food from the people in the countryside. As a result, the British Navy sailed along the coast and stole it from the plantations on the sea islands. In the process they burned the houses and barns on the sea islands.

One book criticized General Greene for not protecting all the people of South Carolina from the British.

A different book praised General Greene for using the British Navy to destroy the last pocket of people in South Carolina loyal to King George III of England.

Both were true.

Likewise in that war, American History Books present the idea that American Heroism along with French aid won the war. Such is true.

The official report to the British Parliament presented the idea that British stupidity with sheer brutality by the British officials and solders caused England to lose the war. That is also true.

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Q: How can history be interpreted in different ways by different people?
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