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you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

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What do you do once you catch all 3 regis on Pokemon emerald?

you go to pal park and download them into platinum, diamond, or pearel.

Can you get regigigias in Pokemon Sapphire?

No. You can only catch the 3 regis, (regice, regirock, and registeel) and then in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum if you migrate the 3 regis to your account you can get regigigas at the bottom of the snowpoint temple.

How do you catch the regis on Pokemon Pearl?

It's not available in Pokemon pearl, only in platinum and ruby, sapphire, emerald, but regigigas is available in pearl. But you must get the 3 other regis in your party to awaken regigigas.

Can you get regigias on Pokemon platinum?

You can get regigigas by either trading it from the event before the release of platinum, or migrate the regis from ruby/sapphire/emerald, then go to the cave in snowpoint city, and catch it while you have all 3 of the regis in your party.

How you can catch the Pokemon in snowpoint templet in Pokemon platinum?

Do you mean Regigigas? If so, then you first need to attain all 3 of the regis (Regirock, Regice, and Registeel) then you can interact with the pokemon, and battle it.

How do you catch the 3 regis in Pokemon diamond?

You have to migrate them from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How do you catch all 3 regis in Pokemon diamond?

not. you will have to migrate them from emerald

How do you catch redgigigas in pokemon diamond?

You can catch on at the Snowpoint Temple. However, you must have the 3 Regis in your party.

How where do you catch the 3 regis in Pokemon PLATINUM?

I don't know where regiice is but you find regirock once you've defeated Cynthia twice and registeel in iron island when you get the national pokedex.

Where do you catch a turchic in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no way to catch a wild Torchic in Pokemon Platinum. The only way to get one in Platinum would be to transfer from the Generation 3 games (Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) where it is a starter Pokemon.

How do you catch the 3 regis in Pokemon pearl?

You cant, You have to trade it with someone who has saphire, or ruby

Can you get regigigas in platinum?

Yes by migrating the 3 regis from Pokemon ruby,Sapphire,and emerald and taking them to the snowpoint temple

It wont let me catch the regi rock ice or steel in platinum do you have to be dawn for that?

The only requirement to catch the 3 Regis is to have traded an event Regigigas to your Platinum from Pearl/Diamond. The players gender has no bearing on this at all.

How do you catch regigigias in Pokemon Ranger?

First get all other 266 Pokemon in the Browser then you will get a mission to go to hippodon temple. Catch the 3 Regis then go down a hole in the temple put the three regis on these things then you vs Regigigas

In Pokemon Pearl I found Regigigas in the Snowpoint Temple and I didn't get the 3 regis can i catch it?

No, first you need to migrate the 3 regis and put themin your party and then go to regigas

What do you do if you saved after killing a regi?

you shoot youself because you will NEVER catch him... he's not good anyway.?! getting all 3 regis is the only way to get regigigas in Pokemon pearl or diamond... but if u hav platinum you can catch all 3 of them aftr u beat the game

How do you get regigigas in Pokemon platinum without cheats?

You have to go to an event to get Regigigas and then you can get the 3 Regis, but if you have already got the 3 Regis, then you should be able to go to snowpoint temple and battle Regigigas at the bottom

Code for all 3 regis Pokemon diamond?

you can get the three regies from Pokemon platinum pearl and diaond but you must have an r4 action replay or cheats

How do you catch Reggi's on Pokemon platinum?

it runs around the sinnoh region You can only catch the 3 Regis regirock registeel regice in Platinum if you have the Event Regigigas from the giveaway If you have the event Regigigas in platinum Registeel will be in a cavern in Iron Island Regive will be in a cavern in the north part of Mt. Coronet, past the fog, so you will need Defog Regirock will be in a cavern on reoute I think 228, but the cavern is definetely in a sandstorm and of course Regigigas is in Snowpoint Temple, bring all 3 regis for a chance at the capture.

How do you catch special regigigas on Pokemon platinum?

you need to have the sinnoh dex completed and i think beaten the elite four and the champion. then you need to get the 3 regis from a sapphire, ruby or emerald game and then get them onto a diamond,pearl or platinum, put them in your Pokemon party and go into the temple in snowpoint city. regigigas will be at level 1.

Can you catch all 3 legendary Pokemon in blue or red?

you cant. You can only do that on platinum):

How do you catch the three regis in Pokemon firered?

All 3 must be traded from either ruby, sapphire or emerald.

How do you get Regigigus in Pokemon Platinum?

You need to transfer the 3 Regis from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald and take them to the Snowpoint Temple, Regigigas will wake.

What is the strongest ice type in emerald?

There really isn't one that's completeley strong, but you can catch an ice Pokemon that starts off strong: Regice. Try completing the "Regis" puzzle to catch all 3 regis.

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