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Each game is different. Check the game's website or documentation.

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Q: How can i create mods for games?
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Is It Illegal If I Do Mods On Games?


How do you create mods for Stranded 2?

invincibility 12345

What are mods on Roblox?

Mods are people patrolling the Site/games to make it fun and safe.

Can you install mods for chrome games?


How do you get mods from your computer to your PS3?

You don't computer game mods will not work on the PS3 and the PS3 USB port does not go to the games section of the PS3 hdd to allow uploading of games, add ons, or mods

What are Marvel mods?

Marvel Mods is a site where you can download mods to the marvel games like Spider-Man, X-Men and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

What are mods in games?

Mods are edits in the games original coding to enhance gameplay or for a player to gain an advantage over other players making the experience unfair. Mods are illegal in some games but in others such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the PC mods are encouraged and a dedicated server is running for these modded maps/weapons etc. to be played by other players. Okay, let's make this clear. Mods aren't illegal in games and most mods add additional functionality as opposed to simply changing the existing code. Mods are almost never done at a code level anyway, but at a scripting level instead. In multiplayer games, mods would generally get you banned from servers they're not allowed in, but most games that support mods are clever enough to load mods and unload them as appropriate. Let's also be clear about Modern Warfare. Whilst it certainly supports mods, it never truly encouraged them, as it took many updates to even allow options to show modded servers in the serverlists.

How do you create a single player just for mods I have minecraft and like to play a fair game without mods How do i make a separate game just for mods?

You can't make a "single player just for mods." All of your data is stored in the exactly same place and mods affect every single world. If it is a mod you can turn off then there is your answer.

Do mods work on cracked games?

Based on my experience, no they dont.

How do you create gta vice city mods?

you cannot,if you try,then you could go to jail

If you can be grunts in the halo games which one can you do it on custom games?

You can only do it on HALO 1 on the Computer with mods.

How do you get mods for Grand Theft Auto 3 on PlayStation 2?

It is unable to get mods for gta 3 on your playstation 2. Modding in games is as far as I know only possible on games played on the computer.

Is it okay to use mods for games like Civilization IV?

Of course, mods are the spice of video games... just don't expect multiplayer to work with anyone who isn't using the same mod.

Can you download PC game mods onto a PS3?

The PS3 will not play PC games and PC game Mods will not mod a PS3 game.

How do you get game mods on ps2 games i have NFS most wanted on ps2 ive opened up the game file and was searching for any mods to put in the file can someone give me a list of addresses to get mods?

i think the mods are only for pc......i hav the same doubt

Can you create objects in Sims 2 pets for PC?

Yes. If you go to you can read the faqs on how create and download mods and objects.

Can you download mods for games on the game disc?

No game discs are not writable

What is a name for highland festivals?

The Highland Games/Highland Show Mods

Can mods for video games hurt your computer?

No, they shouldn't, unless they have a virus.

Are there RuneScape hack games?

Yes, but you could get caught by Jagex Mods

Why were mods created for minecraft?

Mods for most games are created to add something that people wanted, to completely change the game, to support a minigame, etc.

Are there any seeds with herobrine in it?

A 'seed' is what the game uses to create the game's base, unmodified terrain. It can't give you user-made structures, or the contents of mods, like Herobrine mods.

Were to download Fallout 3 mods?

A great place to find more mods than you can handle is at the Nexus website. Create an account there and you can access all the best mods available. The site also has a section dedicated to Oblivion made by the same game developers.

How do you download mods that will affect your games downloaded on steam?

Ok if you are talking about mods like gun mods to look different and or sounds you can download some of them from they will also provide you with instructions on where to insert the files to make them work with your game.

How do you chose mods in toribash multiplayer?

You cant change the beginner, intermediate, semi pro, etc rooms mods but you can create a game and play with a friend to change the mod press ctrl+m