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  • You can make soup.
  • You can throw it in with the trash.
  • A better way is to have a compost pile and throw it in there so it is recycled into usable topsoil.
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Q: How can i dispose vegetable scraps?
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How do vegetable markets people dispose their vegetable waste?

trash can.

How does vegetable market people dispose their vegetable waste and what are its harmful effects?


What kind of people food do ducks eat?

Vegetable scraps.

Can sheep eat vegetable scraps?

Yes, sheep can be fed all kinds of vegetable scraps. They love carrots, corn, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.

How does vegetable scraps help plants grow?

These scraps are transformed into compost. Compost can add nutrients to help other plants grow.

Can you produce vegetable crops from scraps?

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Do crickets eat potato peels?

yes, they eat most vegetable scraps

What do you feed eating crickets?

you can feed them fresh vegetable scraps, or cricket food that can be bought at most big pet stores

What actions do you do to food?

Actions you do to food include:hunt it or grow itshop and buy itskin or peel itrefrigerate itprepare itheat itserve iteat and masticate itdigest iteliminate itclean up food scraps and discard itcompost vegetable scraps

How do vegetable traders dispose their vegetable wastes?

Sadly, they throw them straight into dumpsters, the smart ones however sell or give them to farmers with livestock. I save all our veggies and left over veggies for our chickens. They love it.

Why are chickens called the ultimate recyclers?

Chickens will compost almost any vegetable scraps or plant matter within atleast an hour and atleast majority of the scraps will be either gone or turned into soil. They save any vegetable scrap and plant matter from being thrown in the bin and will actually thank you for your unwanted rubbish. Just like they say "One man's Trash is another Chickens Treasure"!

What are scraps bottam?

what is scraps bottam