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How can i get celebi?

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The only way to get a celebi on a Pokemon game is to go to a Nintendo event

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How you get celebi?

You can Celebi by trading it over gts, or with a friend, you can use action replay to get Celebi, or you can get Celebi in an event.

How do you get celebi on white?

You cant... You have to trade Celebi, or hack it from Action Replay DSi. That's what i did with my shiny celebi... but not my first celebi. I traded my first Celebi.

How do you get a celebi egg?

You can not get a celebi egg!

Where do you catch a Celebi in pearl?

Celebi is unotainable Only through an event in which u can get Celebi

What number Pokemon is Celebi?

Celebi is #251.

Where do you get Celebi in HeartGold?

you get celebi in an event at 2005

Celebi ROCKS are you with Celebi?

why do u care?

How do you get Celebi on Pokemon?

You can only get Celebi through a pokémon event. Otherwise you have to trade with someone who has a Celebi

Is Celebi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Celebi does not appear as a legendary Pokemon through normal game play in Pokemon SoulSilver. However, if you were in Japan at the time of the Celebi event and got the Celebi, you could have Celebi in Pokemon SoulSilver.

How do you get Celebi mystery dungeon blue?

To get Celebi you have to have purity forest and on 99 floor Celebi should join you.

How do you get Celebi in gold?

u cant get celebi in gold

Where is Celebi in Fire Red?

Celebi is uncatchable in firered.

Is the Pokemon Celebi a girl?

No, Celebi is a genderless Pokemon.

When and how do you get Celebi in soul silver?

You can trade your Pokemon for a celebi.

Were to find Celebi in HeartGold?

Celebi is not available in the USA.

What region is Celebi in on Pokemon?

Celebi is from the Johto region.

How do you unlock the Celebi event after receiving Celebi?

you go to ilex forest with celebi in your party and touch the shrine in the forest

Where is the special apricorn that gets you Celebi?

There is no apricorn to get Celebi. The only way to get Celebi is through Nintendo events. That is, the only legal way. Gameshark and other cheating devices can get you Celebi.

Can you catch Celebi in platinuim?

you can not catch celebi in Pokemon platinum

Can you catch a Celebi in heartgold?

You can find Celebi with the special event.

How do you get Celebi soul silver?

Celebi cannot be caught in Pokemon SoulSilver. Celebi can only be obtained through an event or Action Replay cheat. Celebi cannot be found in HeartGold, either.

When Celebi going on in the mystery gift of heartgold?

A celebi event has already passed. The celebi event for HeartGold was available in Japan at the release of the game. There isn't an event for celebi going on right now.

How can you get a Celebi egg?

well in Soulsilver you can get a Celebi egg if you go to Gamestop and get a Celebi and get the Pokemon and get a ditto and wait a while and boom you have a egg

Do you need to hold secret slab to make Celebi appear?

i indeed did get celebi once getting secret slab and it will be a shiny celebi

Where do you find the apricorn you need to get Celebi in Pokemon silver?

You cannot find an Apricorn that will give you Celebi because there is no Apicorn that will give you Celebi.