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How can i pay my metropcs bill?


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Online - Using Debit/Credit Cards

At a local MetroPCS Authorized Dealer - Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

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MetroPCS customers are free to choose from a variety of methods to pay their monthly cell phone bills. MetroPCS offers its customers a variety of payment options. Choose to pay in-person, by phone, online, or by using your credit or debit card to pay using your MetroPCS cell phone. As a MetroPCS customer, you can pay your bill at any MetroPCS retail location, MetroPCS payment center, payment machine, or Western Union. Additionally, by dialing *99 on your MetroPCS cell phone, you will be directly connected with a customer service agent who will promptly process your payment over the phone. For customers who would rather use the internet to quickly and securely pay their bill, allows you to view, pay, or manage your bill online. The MetroPCS website allows you to view payment options, your detailed bill, and, of course, make payments. If you prefer using a payment app on your cell phone to streamline payments, go ahead and download the MyMetro app to your MetroPCS cell phone. By downloading and accessing MyMetro, you can view your monthly bill and make or schedule payments anytime, anywhere. If you wish to arrange automatic payments, MetroPCS has you covered. Visit the MetroPCS website where you can pay through My Account. My Account is a simple way to pay using your credit or debit card, an e-check, or by using a MetroPCS Payment Card. You can use the eWallet feature to keep billing information handy. Once you have entered your credit or debit card details and personal information into eWallet, you can use Metro's Express Pay feature to quickly pay without having to log into your account. You also have the option to set-up reoccurring monthly payments to ensure your coverage is never suspended due to non-payment. MetroPCS offers the latest phones, outstanding customer service, and several payment options to suit your needs. Additional payment information can be found at


Youtube is a website free to its users, you don't have to pay

You can keep the Metropcs on a Phone without paying the bill by not activating it through the system. This way it will remain unregistered, but will still be operational on the phone itself.

With e-bill, MetroPCS customers have the ability to view their monthly bill online. You must sign up for this service in advance by calling customer service at 1.888.8metro8 or by going to a local MetroPCS store.

I just got in touch with a MetroPCS Customer Service representative, and I was told that in order to view my bill online I had to sign up for that specific service which is 2 dollars plus taxes.

Get the number of the store where you pay your metro phone and ask for their number or customer service. Once you call them, you tell them that you don't want to use your phone anymore. They will say okay, your account is closed and they make you pay the last bill and $10 extra. Better to pay when the bill is due :D

30 days. then its not guaranteed the number will still be available if you choose metro pcs as your cell phone carrier again.

MetroPCS was created in 1994.

can a sprint phone be flashed to metropcs or can a use sprint phone to metropcs i wan.t to use all program fram metropcs

MetroPCS does not have the iPhone, but it can surely be flashed.

It's like having a prepaid phone. They give you unlimited talk, text and internet for about $40 a month. They'll send you a text when your bill is due, and then you either pay over the phone or go to a MetroPCS store and pay. You can buy one of their phones or flash over a CDMA phone (Sprint/Verizon phones are CDMA), they'll charge you $50 to flash it over. You won't be able to use the internet on a phone that has been flashed to MetroPCS, so it may be better to buy one of their phones, unless the need for internet access is not an issue for you. I hope I helped! :)

MetroPCS is one of the worst companies. There are not as stable as verizon and att and etc. Many of my friends have had metropcs and have repeatedly expressed their hate for that company. it is not reliable under and circumstances and you will find yourself with a phone that barely has service and randomly turns of the service whether you payed for your phone bill or not

If you receive monthly text messages from MetroPCS reminding you to pay your bill, you will find your account number within the message. Also, you can call one of MetroPCS's retail locations and they will give it to you.

The normal cost is then added with taxes and fees, so yes.

Dial *611 from your MetroPCS phone or 1.888.8metro8 (1.888.863.8768)

I guess there's no iphone in metropcs ,I think there's iphones on tmobile,but you might ask how much it cost,on metropcs and on tmobile. thank you

you have to pay for the bill you have to pay for the bill

You cannot accept collect calls directly on Metropcs. One way around this is to call the house landline phone and then call forward it to the Metropcs.

MetroPCS does not carry the LG G2. However, you can use the unlocked version or the T-Mobile branded version as MetroPCS merged with them in May 2013.

Hello, i want to pay my bill .

how can i pay my dental bill i am on a fix income

how to crack voicemail passcode for a metropcs cell phone?

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