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It increases the time taken for the force from the impact to be distributed to the passengers so the overall force is decreased. It relates to newtons first law about the acceleration of objects.

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Q: How can i relate the crumple zone to the newton's law of motion?
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What are the advantages of the crumple zone?

A crumple zone absorbs energy during impact.

How does a crumple zone protect you in a car crash?

The crumple zone crumples, absorbing some of the energy from the impact so that all of that energy doesn't crumple the passengers.

Who engineered the crumple zone in automobiles?

The first real credited design for a crumple zone was done by Engineer Béla Barényi at Mercedes in 1959

How do you protect an egg in a car crash?

Crumple zone

Why is it important for cars to have a crumble zone?

A crumple zone absorbs the impact, lessening the trauma on the occupancy on the vehicle.

What does a crumple zone protect?

The Passenger. By supplying a place in the structure of the frame to crumple in an accident, the force is absorbed and dissapated before it reaches the passenger compartment.

What are statistics regarding crumple zones?

The crumple zones of cars are normally at the front because it is estimated that 65% of the car impacts occur on the front side. The crumple zone is aimed at absorbing the impact of a crush to secure the passengers.

How do you manufacture a crumple zone?

To manufacture a crumple zone in a open wheel race car we create an aluminum box riveted together. The key is that the rivets will fail in a controlled manner absorbing the energy of the crash. In a road car you start by making the passenger compartment hugely strong. Then make the crumple zone weaker in a very careful way so that as it progressively collapses it absorbs the energy of the crash.

What is a crumple zone of a car?

The term crumple zone is a part of the car that takes the majority of the engergy during an accident. The objective is to make the car safer during an accident. If you watch crash test videos you will see the car fold up in the front or where ever the impact is. But you will also see a lot of pieces of the car go fling all over the place. that is an exaple of a crumple zone. the vehicle is taking most of the impact

Where is a crumple zone?

Typically, crumple zones are located in the front part of the vehicle, in order to absorb the impact of a head-on collision, though they may be found on other parts of the vehicle as well.

What will car absorb the energy and forces of the crash?

A car absorbs the energy and force of a crash in the crumple zone.

What is the safety feature designed as a weak spot in the vehicle to absorb crash energy?

This is known as the front crumple zone.