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How can i tell if my paganini violin is real?

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Paganini never made violins.

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How can you tell if your Paganini violin bow is real?

Paganini never made violins or bows, his name was just used to market cheap commercial products.

Where can you find the paganini violin concerto?

There are several videos on YouTube of the concerto.

Vivaldi and Paganini were noted masters of which instrument?

Vivaldi and Paganini were both masters of the violin.

What three intruments did Niccolò Paganini play?

Paganini played the violin, the viola, and the guitar.

Liszt was influenced by the performances of?

Mostly by Paganini, the greatest violin virtuoso of the time. Liszt wanted to do with the piano what Paganini did with the violin. Both composers were associated with the devil.

Who are famous violin composers?

paganini sarasatie vivaldi

A composer who earned his or her living as a violin virtuoso was?


Where can you find a video of Niccolo Paganini playing violin?


Who wrote and could play one of the most difficult pieces for the violin?


How do you tell if a violin is a real Stradavarius?

Experts on violins would confirm if a violin is a legitimate Stradivarius.

Who is the most famous violin player in the world?

This can either be Niccolo Paganini, or Jascha Heifetz.

Name three composers of violin pieces?

* Beethoven * Bach * Brahms * Corelli * Mendelssohn * Paganini

Could Paganini play violin?

He was brilliant, and easily the equivalent of the biggest superstars of modern times.

Who are some famous violin players?

Nicola Paganini, Sarah Chang, Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa Mae.

What was the name of one of Paganini's famous violins?

Do you mean a violin that Paganini played or one that he made? If the former, you probably mean Il Cannone, which became his signature violin.

A romantic composer who earned his living as a touring virtuoso?

Franz Listz Umm. Niccolo' Paganini as violin virtuoso.

Who was the best known Italian violin player and composer?

Niccolò Paganini was a violin virtuoso from Italy who lived 1782-1840. He also composed and is most famous for his Caprice No. 24 in a.

What is the hardest to play violin composition?

I would have to say the Paganini Caprices, not sure which one but there all for very advanced Violinist.

What set of 24 pieces of music by paganini is some of the most difficult music?

Paganini's 24 Caprices for Solo Violin.

What two other instruments did niccolo paganini play?

Niccolo played the violin, viola, guitar and MAYBEthe cello. MAYBE.

What German violin maker made violins stamped Paganini?

GIBERTINI, Antonio, Parma, about 1830. Stradivari model, excellent work, deep rose-coloured varnish. This maker was at times employed by Paganini to repair or regulate his Violins.

Ran international artist despite his Hungarian heritage decided to become a technical wizard at the keyboard after hearing Paganini playing the violin What was his name?


Was niccolo paganini ever married?

to tell you the truth that was exactly what i was wondering. sorry but i do not know the answer

Who is a 19th century Italian violin virtuoso?

Niccolo Paganini. Absolutely incredible works - people actually believed he had sold his soul to the devil to perform the way he did.

How tall is James Paganini?

James Paganini is 6'.

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