How can i use weight in my own words?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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weight is measure of the gravitational force on an object .

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Q: How can i use weight in my own words?
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What is weight placement?

It means when you you replace your own weight and use the kind of weight your character is.

What are the words that a programming language puts aside for its own use?

Reserved words.

In your own words summarize simon's imaginary conversation with the lord of the flies?

You would have to read the conversation and use your own words for it.

What are the words that a programming language has set aside for its own use?

Such words are called "keywords".

When do you use pharaphrasing?

When you put the author's words into your own words but keeping the same meaning.

How can an objects weight be used to its advantage?

by using certain mechanical objects, like a pulley, you can use the object's own weight to its advantage. Also, by exploiting gravity and the object's own weight, you can use inertia to roll the object down the hill or yet better in a free fall.

Why is there Chinese words?

So that Chinese can use their own language.

What weight oil do you use for changing fork oil on a victory motorcycle?

Polaris has their own special "fork oil". 7.5 weight is equivalent to polaris oil or use a 10 weight to improve dampening.

What does domestication mean in your own words?

to take unfamiliar for one's own use or purposes; to adopt

Anorexia is an attempt to use food and weight to what?

Control oneself and one's own life.

What words would you use to describe weight?

the number of particales contained in matter

What is it called when you use your own words to accuretely represent the words from a short amount of writing by an author?

Writing a summary of an authors work in your own words and style is called paraphrasing.