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In most countries a driving licence could not be taken as payment or punishment for damages owed to an insurance company as that you be a civil matter.

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Q: How can license be taken for damages owed to an insurance company?
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If you are taken off your insurance policy do you have to surrender your license?

no because you will get another insurance

What can you do if you were hit by another car and then before you get it repaired you get hit again?

The insurance adjuster from your/their insurance company (first wreck) should have taken detailed pictures and descriptions of the damages. Those would be brought up and compared to the new damages, and difference should be payed out.

How does No Fault work if there are no injuries only vehicle damage?

Most "no fault" laws apply only to injuries, so in other words, if someone else damages your car, you can get the damages taken care of by their insurance company (or use your ins company and they will go to them for you possibly). Michigan is the only state I know of that is completely no fault, i.e. for property damage you go through your own insurance company

What happened to transinternational life insurance company?

It was taken over by aegon insurance

Will your driver's license be taken away if you write off your dad's car on which you have no insurance?


What is the purpose of the accident plan?

It could be an insurance policy taken out with an insurance company in case of an accident.

What do you do if you have a policy with a company that has declared bankruptcy?

Contact the Insurance Commissioner, they probably had the company taken over by another company.

Does a permitted license holder need insurance?

A permitted license holder still needs a car insurance. The license is just to prove that someone has taken the driving lessons and understands the road rules. Insurance helps to provide some backup when liability comes due to an accident.

If you get a speeding ticket in the company car does it affect their insurance?

Points taken from your licence from a moving violation are reported to your insurance company, so it is your rate that will go up. The company will only be interested in a situation where damages are claimed. They may check your licence periodically though and if too many points are deducted your driving privilege can be revoked. Having unsafe or reckless drivers in company vehicles can void their policy.

When a vehicle has been repossessed and taken to the auction does Honda carry insurance on it?

Not only does Honda have insurance on the vehicle, so does the repossession company, the storage company, the transport company, and the aution agency.

Does an insurance company have to pay the lien holder directly after an auto accident?

An insurance company generally does not pay the lien holder directly. The vehicle owner is responsible for paying for insurance coverage and will often deal with the insurance company themselves after a collision has taken place.

What could happen if you got in an accident with no insurance?

You are financially responsible for loss experienced by the damaged party. If you are unable to pay for the damages you may loose driving privileges and/or be taken to court in an attempt to recover damages.

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