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There are many ways in which rubbish can affect and be harmful to animals. They can get stuck or trapped in rubbish such as old fishing lines, plastic bags and fishing nets. Some eat the rubbish (like sea turtles eat plastic bags because they think it is jellyfish), and then eventually die as the rubbish blocks airways or gets into their stomach and then they are unable to process food. Old cans, and tins can rust and pollute the water, and make it harder to breathe (particularly if it is on a coral reef).

There have been many rules and laws to try to stop the spreading of rubbish, but there are still many bits of rubbish that can hurt animals. Some of the main bits of rubbish would be fishing lines or nets.

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Litter can harm Ocean animals, because they could eat it. Then that can lead to choking or even worst, death! So, don't ever litter, if you see something pick it up, unless it is really disgusting, then ask someone who doesn't care and ask them to pick it up.

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Turtles mistaken plastic bags for jellyfish and they are intend to eat it. If people litter 100 times a day the earth will be enable to live in and the whole earth people need to find a new planet to live in which is unlikely.

That's why we don't litter and we always keep ourselves litter free, if you have rubbish throw them in the bin. Is that what rubbish bins are for?

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Q: How can litter harm ocean animals?
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Does littering harm people?

litter can harm people by the foul scent, the methane trapped inside can be deadly to animals, or people who are exposed for to long.yes litter can harm people and animals because the litter can get in the drinking water. say meth or toxic poisons got into them you could die

How does litter in the rivers impact the ocean?

well, all rivers eventually lead to the ocean somehow. so, the litter flows along, and it goes into the ocean, then sea animals think the litter is some type of food, eat it, and die. or, like those popcan holders, birds and other sea animals get stuck in those and get even more tangled trying to get out of them. so that's how litter in the rivers impact the ocean. hope that helps ya out!

What harm is done by oil spills to the ocean?

It has killed many animals and has poluted the ocean alot!

How can litter harm animals?

It can kill animals. Cigarette butts, for example, can get inside roadside animals and kill them. 6-pack can holders can choke and throttle animals.

If you are pregnant is it bad to be around animals?

There is no harm to the baby as long as you don't change cat litter or touch dog poop.

Why should people not litter?

Because when you litter all of the trash end up in the ocean. When the trash ends up in the ocean it can kill the sea animals. So please don't litter.

How is littering harmful to the environment?

depends what your littering. It all is pretty harmful. It gets into the gutters and into the ocean and animals can choke. It can harm the environment because when you litter you pollute and so the air we breath becomes polluted and so there soon won't be any fresh air if you pollute alot.

Why is plastic life dangerous to marine life?

Ocean litter is any manufactured or processed solid waste that enters the ocean. It can range from newspapers to fishing gear. Marine debris, another name for ocean litter, is posing a large threat because it is killing thousands of sea animals and decreasing biodiversity. Every year 100,000 sea animals are killed due to plastics in our oceans. Humans are directly affecting the lives of thousands of sea animals by inaccurately disposing of plastic and other ocean litter.

How many animals get harmed by litter every week?

Such statistics are not recorded. Certainly many animals are harmed by litter.

What good effects and bad effects on estuaries?

the good effects on a estuary is the amountof animals and plants it gets. the bad effects are when the animals harm the estuaries and when the water is harmful in the ocean

Why do people 'litter'?

Because people are too lazy to go to a bin or some ******* doesn't put a bin nearby. They litter because they don't know what happens and they have no idea that how much damage could cause if you litter. First, when you litter, it stays there. Then the wind happens to go and brings it to the ocean. Then when the water evaporates, it comes to the sun with the garbage and then the Ozone layer from the sun breaks up and the light from the hot sun opens out and shines down with fire that burns us up and then we die. Tip: NEVER LITTER!

What is so bad about litter?

litter is bad because it can kill a lot of animals and the world because if the whole world is full of litter then we could all die not just the animals