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Q: How can metal help to close fridge door?
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What household goods use magnets?

There are a lot of normal household items that contain magnets. One item is the refrigerator, which uses a magnet in its closing mechanism. Some ovens use magnets to keep the door closed. Fridge magnets.Some household items that use magnets are the fridge and freezer. Other than those, I do not believe there is anymore.

Why magnets slip down the fridge door and onto the floor?

the magnet used on most fridge magnets are low quality magnets, if you find a silver collored magnet you will find it sticks better, try sanding the black magnet off a bit, it might help

How do you remove the door panels and smooth the body on a 2002 Mk2 Renault Clio?

there are two or three screws on the bottom of the door, where the plastic meets the metal of the door. Again, on the lower part of the door (maybe 1 on the side too) Hope to help

Why is the back of your fridge black?

A fridge cools things by removing heat energy from the inside of the fridge. This makes it cold inside the fridge. The heat energy that is removed ends up at the back of the fridge. The back of the fridge is often painted black because that makes it a good emitter of heat energy. The fridge may also have a metal cooling grille, also painted black, to help it loose heat to the air. The radiators in our house could be black and it would help them to emit heat into our rooms. In practice people do not want black radiators so they are generally white. the shape of a radiator is designed to give up its heat to air rising up through it.

What if your van siding door latch is in the locked positionhow can you unlock it so you can close the door?

to answer my question , i took the door panel off then pressed down on the release and the latch opened w/ the help of a screwdriver. thanks, Cornell

How does refrigerator door work?

Refrigerator door works with the help of magnets which are attached behind the rubber seal on the door which attracts to close the door and doesn't open without any force Maheshwari - VI - Sri Aurobindo International School, Hyderabad

How do you close the door mirrors on a Audi Q5 I cant find a switch or button anywhere please help?

you can't unless you bought the option.

How can local food help athletes?

they eat fridge raiders

1985 corvette runs bad Like its getting to much gas lights stay on when close door When turn on headlights a bell goes off like the door is open Can You HELP PLEASE?

Sounds like a faulty door switch on the drivers side.

How can I fix my medicine cabinet door to close all the way?

If we knew more of the problem someone might be able to help you, but as it stands there is not enough information.

How do you get rid of ice at the bottom of your freezer?

First answerer: Don't smash it with a hammer, I just broke my fridge last week doing that. Your best bet is to unplug the fridge, leave the door open and just let the ice melt away. Second answerer: If you have a chest freezer there is usually a plug at the bottom that you take out to let the water drain away. You can put a pan of boiling water in and shut the door to help it melt faster.

What did actor coluche did in France to help the homeless?

he took a dump on your fridge