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One can apply for an audition for the Disney Channel by hiring an agent and create an account at Explore Talent. One can then send submissions for the Disney Channel.

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When are auditions for Disney channel?

Well you can't audition for Disney channel itself, but you can audition for one of their new shows in America.

How do you audition for wizards of Waverly place?

you go to the Disney channel studio and act like one of the characters

Haw can you become famous on Disney channel like Selena-Hannah Montana?

Disney channel puts out national talent searches and auditions. you can audition for one of them and hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you be a Disney Channel actor?

Yes if u audition to be in one and if they liked how you played the part you will be in a show and u will get famous!

Cant get agent can you still get Disney auditions?

If your auditioning for a role at one of the theme parks, you do not need an agent to audition. If you are auditioning for The Disney Channel or for a movie, I'd have to get back to you on that.

Where can you find auditions for the Disney Channel?

Well, it is very hard to find an audition with Disney channel. Sometimes, you can find out where the WorldWide Disney Channel Talent Search is, other times you can search the internet. One website you can look at is: disneysociety.com/. I hope you find your audition. Here's a tip though: hire an agent. they don't cost ANYTHING until you get your part!!! And when you do, all they do is take a SMALL portion of your pay. =) hope i helped! =)

You really want to be on Disney Channel but you do not know anybody in acting or anyone who is famous so how can you become a Disney Channel star?

here is an address you can audition and try for roles. But if you do not know any one in the showbiz (unlike me), it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unlikelyDisney Channel500 S. Buena Vista St.Burbank, CA 91521

How do you get on Disney channel?

Go to Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory website and search Disney Channel. It's a really great website to get to know about auditions. If you have an agent, ask them what a good start in your career would be. If it's not Disney channel right away, try what your agent suggests, and if you succeed, ask your agent if a good thing to audition for would be Disney channel. If you really want to be on Disney channel and you don't have an agent, I highly suggest you get one! Good luck and remember, you've got to be in it to win it!

Why is family channel different from Disney channel?

Family Channel is one channel like Teletoon is one channel. Disney Channel is the company's who made Family Channel. They also made ABC Kids. Also, to my understanding, Family channel is owned by Astral Media, and is the Canadian version of Disney Channel, and Family Channel makes some of their own shows, while some are from Disney Channel.

What channel is Disney junior?

If you know Disney, it's a channel above or under, but no one knows that

Where can one find songs from the Disney Channel?

Songs from Disney Channel can be found on Disney's official website. The Disney website has a playlist with a wide range of artists and songs from the Disney Channel.

Where can one see a listing of original movies on the Disney Channel?

One can see a listing of the original movies on the Disney Channel on Wikipedia. They have an extensive list of all such Disney Channel movies between 1983 and 2013.

How do you get on Disney channel and how to do it?

To land a gig with disney, one must first audition for a role. Contacting a talent agency is the first step to make it on the big screen. The Agency will act as a mediator between the aspiring actor or actress and movie offers and such.

How many cartoon network channel are there?

There is only one channel. One channel in Cartoon network, another channel is nickelodean, and disney channel.

Are there any Disney Channel audition websites for UK - mainly London?

well the problem is the UK Disney channel is actually done in America we don't have one over here. so unless you have an agent and could fly to America I'm afraid not but I'm sure you are way too good for Disney channel. Also (I'm not sure how old you are) but a lot of people on Disney channel are late teens early twenties so I don't know. Gd luck with whatever you decide to do luvs x

What is the number for Disney channel auditions?

998756421 if you phone this and you dont have an agent then they will give you one and tyhen you will get your audition :)this is not the real number if you call it will say beep beep beep cause its a fake number@!

How can one view Playhouse on the Disney Channel?

One can view the episode Playhouse on the television show Disney Channel. Disney Channel's website also offers viewers to watch this video online. Disney Channel is one of the few channels that lets it's viewers stream episodes on their website for free.

How do you become an Disney channel actress from England?

There are Disney channel stations all over the world. Try to find the one closet to you and get in conntact with them.

What songs did Jordan Pruitt sing at the Disney channel games?

joran pruitt sang One Love and My Shoes at the Disney channel games

Is lemonade mouth on Disney channel awesome?

lemonade mouth is one of the best movies on Disney channel so to answer your question yes it is awesome.

What are the teams for the 2010 Disney Channel games?

They arn't doing a Disney Channel games this year, they didn't have one last year either. ):

What is the least popular show on Disney Channel?

The Disney show "Sonny With a Chance" is one of the least popular shows on the Disney channel. It doesn't have high ratings like other shows.

Where can one go to obtain Disney show listings?

Disney show listings can be found on the Disney channel website. This website includes a comprehensive schedule of all of the shows that will be aired on the channel.

Where can you watch break up in Paris?

you can watch it on Disney channel or Disney channel hbo i forgot witch number its on.but you have to pay for it on Disney channel on demand .(ane i messed up the first one wassuppose to say on demand.)

Who was born on November 10 on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel?

No one appears to have been born on any Nickelodeon or Disney Channel show on November 10th

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