Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Claire Mendler was born on December 18, 1992 in Washington, D.C. She's an American actress, singer, musician and songwriter. She is best known for her lead role as Teddy Duncan on the Disney Channel Original Series Good Luck Charlie and her recurring role as Juliet Van Heusen on Wizards of Waverly Place.

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Bridgit Mendler

Does Bridgit Mendler have a little brother?

Yes she does. His name is Nick and he is 13.

Bridgit Mendler

Is Bridgit Mendler's dad in jail?

no and he never was

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Bridgit Mendler

How old are Bridgit Mendler and Jason Dolley?

Bridget mendler is 16 on the show and Jason dolley is 17

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Bridgit Mendler

What is Bridgit Mendler's official fan email address?

Bridgit mendler email is

Bridgit Mendler
Good Luck Charlie

Does Bridgit Mendler from Good Luck Charlie get pied in the face?

Yes hilariously so, there is one episdoe where Teddy is hit with a lot of cream pies all at once. haha you couldnt even recognize her from all the whipped cream!

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Wizards of Waverly Place
Bridgit Mendler

What is Bridgit Mendler favorite movie?

She likes the movie it Christmas good luck Charlie

Bridgit Mendler

Does Bridgit Mendler curse?

no she does not

Bridgit Mendler

Does bridgit mendler have a kid?


Bridgit Mendler

What are some interesting things about Bridgit Mendler?

She was born on December 18 1992

Bridgit Mendler

What is Bridgit Mendler's favorite color?

Bridgit mendlers fav color is purple

Bridgit Mendler

Can Bridgit Mendler really sing?

If you look up some of her live videos on YouTube from her concerts, she's actually really good. I thought she was just completely made up of auto tune, but she can actually sing really well!

Bridgit Mendler

How old is Bridgit Mendler's brother?

he's 13

Bridgit Mendler

What hand does Bridgit Mendler write with?

yes Bridget mendler is left handed

Justin Bieber
Bridgit Mendler

Do justin bieber and Bridgit Mendler now each other?

no. well their not really 'friends'. i'm sure they have heard of each other though.

Bridgit Mendler

Does Bridgit Mendler have a fan number and does it cost money?

something and no

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Bella Thorne
Bridgit Mendler

Can you list all selena gomez songs?

Un Año Sin LluviaSick Of You


Summer's Not Hot

Off The Chain

Rock God

A Year Without Rain

Not Over It

One And The Same

Everything Is Not What It Seems (2 Versions)



Make It Happen (Ft. David Henry)

Gypsy (Ft. Shakira)


Hit The Lights

Winter Wonderland

Who Says


When The Sun Goes Down

We Own The Night

Trust In Me

Shake It Up

Love You Like A Love Song

Live Like There's No Tomorrow

Intuition (Ft. Eric Bellinger)

Ghost Of You

Fantasma De Amor

Cruella De Vil

Congratulations To Me

Bang Bang Bang


That's More Like It

My Dilemma


Fly To Your Heart

Round & Round

I Got U

Rule The World

Come & Get It

Stop & Erase

As A Blonde



Bang A Drum

Falling Down

Brain Zapped

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Kiss & Tell

The Way I Loved You

Send It On


I Won't Apologize

I Promise You

I Don't Miss You At All


Whoa Oh! (Me Vs. Everyone) (Ft. Forever The Sickest Kids)

New Classic

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Bridgit Mendler

Where in murrieta ca does Bridgit Mendler live?

Los Angeles

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Zendaya Coleman
Bridgit Mendler

Is Zendaya Coleman's mother dead?

NO! Her mom is still in Oakland because she works as a teacher, so she couldn't go to L.A with Zendaya and her Father.

Bridgit Mendler

What phone does Bridgit Mendler have?

She has in iphone

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Bridgit Mendler

How old was Bridgit Mendler in Alice Upsidedown?


Bridgit Mendler

Is Bridgit Mendler in college?

yes she is and if you have a moshi monster be my friend bellaally76

Bridgit Mendler

What state was Bridgit Mendler born in?

Bridgit Mendler was not actually born in a state. She was born in Washington, D.C.

Bridgit Mendler

Is Bridgit Mendler and adam hicks dating?

No, they are not (check @bridgitmendler on instagram, she has uploaded many photos of her and her boyfriend Shane Harper)

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Bridgit Mendler

What is Bridgit Mendler email?

Bridgit Mendler

Does Bridgit Mendler have a dog?

Yes in one of her videos Brigit has a dag named Jake


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