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If one is interested in buying life insurance without medical exam, it is necessary to know that this type of insurance is more expensive and one would expected to pay an extra money to get it.

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2013-07-11 04:16:18
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Q: How can one get life insurance with no medical exam?
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Where can one get a life insurance with no medical exam?

You can get life insurance online without a medical exam. Some websites you can go on to get life insurance without a medical exam are AnicoDirect and Efinancial.

How can one obtain in the UK a fast life insurance with no medical exam?

Research has shown that there are a variety of options for one to purchase life insurance with no medical. Insurance companies such as Saga and Smart Insurance offer this type of policy. One can also use sites such as UK Net Guide to compare quotes for no medical exam insurance.

Which US based companies offer exam insurance with no term life medical option?

There are many reasons one would want a term life insurance with no medical exam. Lifesource Direct, Mutual of Omaha, and Matrix Direct only ask a few medical questions, but do not require an exam.

Which legit life insurance companies which offer a program, without the need of a medical exam?

There is the one through AARP. is also no exam.

Is there a company that provides life insurance without a medical exam in California?

There are many companies that offer life insurance without medical exams in the State of California. Most of which offer increased rates due to the no medical exam. Here is the website to one I found:

What are some features of Family Life insurance?

One of the benefits of Family Life insurance is that they offer a great deal of insurance for a small price. Also, no medical exam is necessary and they have a thirty day guarantee.

What would one take a life insurance medical exam for?

Some insurance companies require one to take part in a medical examination before being accepted as one of their customers. The majority of the time it is to ensure that one is not deathly ill and will become deceased shortly after obtaining insurance.

Where can one get a life insurance with no physical exam?

Getting a life insurance without having to go through a physical exam can be a little tricky. Normally most insurance companies can agree to that, but because they have no real medical information about you, they take higher risks and charge 2 or 3 times more than they do for a normal insurance.

Is No Medical Exam Life Insurance a Scam?

If you have spent any time browsing the internet for life insurance you have likely come across an ad for “no medical exam life insurance.” Perhaps it piqued your interest, but in all likelihood you believed it too good to be true and were afraid to try it. After all, why would any insurance provider be willing to take the risk of giving you insurance without examining you first? Well, the truth is, there are providers which offer life insurance without the need for a medical exam and there are many reasons for providing such a service. Insurance providers may offer to provide life insurance with no medical exam to earn consumer trust. By offering insurance without requiring much effort from the consumer, it makes the insurance company seem benevolent and concerned with their client's well-being. Furthermore, the policies which require no medical exam are typically small in value. If, for example, someone were to get one of these polices and then come down with cancer, the insurance company is only required to pay up to the amount of the policy, which is typically very small. For this reason, insurance companies can afford to take the risk. Additionally, if your medical history has been recently updated, they will likely see no reason for you to receive another medical exam. Insurance companies want you to choose their business so they will likely work with you as best as possible to ensure you select them. However, just because a company offers no medical exam life insurance, doesn't mean you should jump at the opportunity. Choosing the best deal you can find in regards to insurance is likely never the best approach. You want to choose a provider with a strong history that you know is solvent and will be able to pay. Research which companies offer life insurance without requiring a medical exam and thoroughly research them before choosing. If you don't discover any that you feel comfortable with it may be best to opt to take the medical exam. It is important that your provider be a trustworthy source, otherwise you run the risk of losing your money. Insurance is typically a “you get what you pay for” product, so you won't likely want to be looking for cheapest available option. Furthermore, even if a provider does promise no medical exam, you will likely be asked to answer a series of questions to see if you qualify first. Finding no medical exam life insurance is an appealing goal. Finding a provider who can be trusted that also provides this may be difficult. Try not to limit your options by insisting on insurance with no medical exam. If you find a trusted provider that requires no medical exam, feel free to jump at the opportunity. But as with any other major purchase, be cautious in your search.

What companies offer non medical life insurance?

There are a number of companies that offer non medical life insurance. One can get this service from 'Sun Life Financial', 'CAA', 'Fidelity Life Direct' and 'Life Insurance Canada'.

Where can one find a no medical term life insurance?

There are many places one might go to find a no-medical term life insurance. In addition to one's local insurance company, one might also consider eSurance.

How can you acquire life insurance in a few easy steps?

There are many life insurance companies that will offer coverage on a simplified-issue basis. This means that no exam is required and only a few medical questions need to be answered. A good independent agent can help find the best company for your specific needs since they are not tied to only one company in particular. Simplified coverage will often be more expensive than fully underwritten life insurance that would normally require a medical exam.

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