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The easiest way is to set up an automatic debit against your paycheck or checking account at your bank, with a specified amount being automatically taken from your paycheck or checking account and deposited into a savings account.


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By definition, if one is destitute, one has no money to save.

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One can save money on groceries by clipping coupons from newspapers and online coupon sites. You can save money by buying extra amounts of items you use often when on sale. When you go grocery shopping, create a list beforehand and do not buy anything that is not on the list.

An iPad can be a great investment for a college student. Apps can help you stay organized, do research and even save you money. Many textbook publishers are offering e-books available as downloads for e-readers and iPads. Reading textbooks for iPad means you will pay less per book, and you can have all of your books with you in one small device.

donating money to save the rainforest... protect the earth it is the only one we have

save your money idiot and get one for your birthday u know the answer im not giveing u money

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One of the antonyms are fashionable.

it would probaly save alot of money bcause it is used to produce water energy and electricity.that is a two for one special.

The best Walmart coupons are the one which are for the most amount off. Using these coupons together with manufacturer's coupons, you can save a lot of money.

Refinancing, ie: increasing the term of the note will not save money unless the interest rate drops markedly. Generally refinancing ALWAYS costs one more money.

Depending on how much you use your cellphone, yes no contract phones will be able to save you money. If you are not a heavy cellphone user, no contract phones are one way to save yourself money. But if you are a heavy cellphone user, it could also be impractical.

It would depend on where the rims and tire packages were purchased as to how much money one might save. With the proper research and shopping around for a good tire and rim dealer, one could potentially save hundreds of dollars on a package deal.

if your talking about on skullduggery island you have to save up your money to buy one. (poptropican money, and not in the store)

You save energy on a lamp when, if having to decide between buying a lamp which uses more energy to illuminate, you buy the one that uses less. Since you pay for the amount of energy you use, you save money.

Saving money is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be impossible. There are ways for you to save money that are reasonable and provide you with ample opportunity to make it happen. One easy way to save money is by lowering your food costs. Eating out costs a lot of money, even at the cheapest of restaurants. You can also save money at grocery stores by using coupons and getting things on sale. This can help you keep those food costs down and will give you a healthier life, too. It truly is a good solution for families all around.

Save the cigarette money for one year and take a fantastic vacation.

Adopt one and donate money for new trees.

One way to save money on printer ink cartridges is to shake them when they are running low, as you will get more use out of them. You can also compare prices of ink cartridges online and purchase the least expensive one.

To help you can donate some money every month to "save the orang-utan foundation". You can also adopt one.

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