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How can people be hypnotized?


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Hypnosis puts people in a state of consciousness in which they are sensitive to suggestion. Hypnotists go through a general series of steps to hypnotize someone. They may have a different style or use different words but overall, the method is the same. First, the hypnotist commands the person to focus and listen to the words being said. Then, he or she is told to relax as much as possible and let go. "Let go" is a phrase that most hypnotists use. It means to free the mind and simply accept suggestions. Lastly, the hypnotists tells the person to use his or her imagination.

Not everyone can be hypnotized because they are not willing to be acted upon or not susceptible to suggestion. The key to hypnosis is to be in a deep state where you are easily influenced. About eighty percent of people are able to be hypnotized. Those who are very susceptible to hypnosis tend to have wild and vivid imaginations and fantasies. On the other hand, the subject will never do anything that he will not be willing to do in his normal state. For instance, if a person is not willing to jump off a building in his normal state, he will not do it in his hypnotized state. In fact, the subject is actually in control and the hypnotist is simply a guide.