Hypnosis is a psychological state in which the mind is in something like a sleeping state. The mind is more open to suggestion. Hypnosis is used as a therapy to help people stop habits such as smoking. It is also used as a questioning technique to help people bring back memories they may have repressed.

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Word and Phrase Origins
Ancient Greece
Greek to English

Which Greek god did the word 'hypnotize' come from?

There was a Greek god named Hypnos [sleep] and he was the twin brother of the god Thanatos [death].

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What were some early uses of hypnosis?

someof the erly uses of hypnotism were is uses in the medical fields in the replacement of anesthesia and for a way of releasing anxiety too.Other cultures used as a way of meditation like the hindus or for way to stop insomia or any other medical problems in the field of phsychology..etc


Is hypnosis related to psychology?

Yes. Hypnosis was broadly used by the first psychoanalysts and even today they still use, as well as psychologists from other schools (namely the cognitivists). It's a scientific way to access the mind without the repression of the superego, and it's very effective particularly treating addictions (namely cigarette addiction).


Why is hypnosis rarely used in police work?

Because a person can pretend that they are hypnotized and accuse someone of a crime that wasn't committed by that person...


Why would some people want to be hypnotized?

hypnosis is a comforting,relaxing experience and some people want to be hypnotized simply to get rid of stress.another benefit of hypnosis is that it can help us to achieve attitudes which we are finding hard to achieve ourselves by allowing the subconscious mind to be conditioned with certain suggestions.This is similar to the way we obtain negative thought patterns in the first place for example-I grew up in a rough city and am wary of people,it is through negative subconscious mental conditioning whereby psychologically damaging factors such as insults or threats have caused me to adopt new attitudes gradually,sometimes this goes unnoticed and this makes it hard for us to change such attitudes that have negative effects on out lives.Hypnosis can give us the help needed to change such attitudes simply by conditioning the mind in the desired direction,eg.if I wanted to rid myself of my fear of people a hypnotists suggestions would condition my subconscious to have more trust in people,benefitting my life.

Another reason people like to be hypnotized is the feeling of safety it brings through the abscence of responsibilty,essentially you feel no fear or guilt of thoughts or situations that may arise.This appeals to people who have issues with protection which make them live in a way which increases their feelings of being protected,like a girl being drawn to a tall muscular man even though he is sure to be a terrible boyfriend.

The commands given during hypnosis are also a comforting factor in one whose life is void of command or equally in one who respond negatively to command as these commands are not harmful or dangerous in any way and is a contrast to the way the person normally gets a command ie.a woman who gets bossed around at work all day gets commands to work harder causing her stress,she goes home and listens to a hypnosis recording to unwind,in the recording the commands are simple only commanding her to relax and rest.The hypnotist is comforting rather than hurtful like her boss,and she enjoys her ability to experience a hypnotic trance as well as the way the commands she is well able to do are no longer hurtful but comforting,beneficial and confidence building.


Can you give me a sentence using the word hypnotized?

That boy casted "lightning bolt", hypnotizing me and leading me to ask him, "Are you a wizard?"


When does Gengar learn hypnosis?

It is a 'start' move, which means it must learn before it is that form or learns when it evolves.


Can self-hypnosis subliminal suggestion or lucid dreaming techniques offer any help for people with depression?

Yes. depression is a reaction to something in your life getting stuck. hypnosis, visualisation and dreaming techniques could assist in changing your perceptions inside your inner world so it meets your outer world. Just make sure that your therapist is a good one and not a flake!

Science Experiments

How psychologists use or apply hypnosis?

With Embedded command In conversational Hypnosis.


What level does gengar learn hypnosis?

Gengar knows hypnosis at level 0.


Is hypnosis a real psychological phenomenon?

Yes, hypnosis is a real phenomenon. People have undergone operations under a state of hypnosis instead of anesthesia without pain. While hypnosis has many benefits it also has drawbacks. For example, false memories have been inadvertantly created through hypnosis that have resulted in some people being accused of things they did not do.


Which animal use hypnosis?

Cuttlefish use "hypnosis" by displaying flashy colors on their skin, putting their prey in a trance-like state.


What level does kirlia learn hypnosis?

Level 47; though it evolves into it's final form (Gardevoir) at level 30.


What are the statistics on the effectiveness of hypnosis?

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Dieting and Weight Loss

Does Kevin Trudeau's weight loss cure work?

I have one thing and one thing only to say: NO! Answer:The weight loss regimine DOES work. There is a naturopathic doctor in my area who implements Kevin's weightloss protocol using HCG (in liquid form NO injections needed) and of everyone who has gone through the 2-Phase program, nobody has NOT lost significant weight. In fact, the diet is pretty much fool-proof. I am a trainer and a nutritional consultant, and have researched this myself and I can honestly say, as odd of a diet and regimine it is, it WORKS. It eats up the brown adipose fat cells that we store (and don't need) on our body but leaves behind the lean muscle mass, so all you lose is 100% body fat. It also resets many of our glands and metabolism so that post-diet, you will not regain the weight lost.


Can you be hypnotized without your knowledge?

I do not believe that is possible. My answer is: No.

No and yes.

Formal hypnotization usually requires the consent & cooperation of the subject. Because, however, hypnosis is a naturally occurring state entered into by most people on a fairly regular basis (eg when absorbed in a film or book, daydreaming, or when performing everyday tasks "on autopilot" whilst thinking of something else), it is common for people to be, in a sense, hypnotized without their knowledge. Many people have been in hypnosis ( eg dancing for protracted periods with someone they're attracted to, without noticing the passage of time, and being only really aware of that person & nothing else ), but remain quite unaware of the fact.

Also, people in intimate/ familiar situations who are on the edge of sleep ( in a hypnoidal state ) may be hypnotized without knowing it by someone with whom they feel relaxed/ comfortable. It might, for example, be possible for a lover or spouse to induce hypnosis in a half asleep partner by gentle massage & suggestion. They wouldn't really know they'd been hypnotized (and probably won't remember it later), but their intimacy with the hypnotizing partner makes such situations atypical - not like the usual contexts in which hypnotization occurs.

So, generally, people can not be hypnotized without their knowledge & consent, but it is possible for hypnosis to be induced in unknowing subjects under certain very specific circumstances.


How do you hypnotize people with everyday objects?

AnswerYou don't need any objects to hypnotize someone. That's just in the movies.


-DJ Craig

AnswerSome hypnotists do ask the subject to focus his or her gaze on an object. Concentrating the vision on a simple object can help prevent visual distractions from entering the mind. Then the subject can better focus on the verbal suggestions of the hypnotist. Advice

Ask Darren Brown.


How does hypnotism work and do you remember anything after being hypnotized?

HypnotismThere is quite a bit of myth about hypnotism. Basically it's about relaxation and putting irrelevant thoughts out of your mind. Most people aren't as suggestible as is described in some of the sensational-seeking write ups. With a quiet mind you are able to remember things that happened, discover things about yourself and even learn to control pain. If you don't want to do what you are told, you won't. All of that stage stuff is just for the people who are natural exhibitionists. that isn't the real thing.

A person can have amnesia of the trance with and without it directly being suggested. Anything you can experience in a waking state can be experienced with hypnosis, such as its normal for a person in a waking state to forget something, where you put your keys or what your third grade teacher's name was.


Is hypnosis fake?

Hypnosis is a real phenomena.

In hypnotic trance person is more open to suggestion and is less inhibited by automatic, reflexive responses. In the context of a stage show, this means that a person who is usually shy may help put on a good show for the audience by following the suggestions of the hypnotist. In the clinical sense, it often means tricking, persuading, or easing a patient out of an undesirable habit or fear.

It might have been Milton Erickson who said "there are no poor subjects, only inflexible hypnotists."

If by this question you mean "Is the person being made to do something against his or her will?" the answer is no. Subjects must be willing participants for stage hypnosis to work. Stage hypnotists purposely set a scene that implies mystery, and power over others. That is showmanship. So it could also be said that a good hypnotist is able to convince people to be willing participants!

There is some controversy on certain issues, such as the question "Are people able to do things they are not able to do in a normal state of mind?" State theorists will answer yes, while non-state theorists will say that everything that is seen in "trance" can be similarly explained as either distraction (in the case of heightened pain tolerance) or will alone.

The Difference Between

What are the differences between meditation deep relaxation prayer and hypnosis?

"Deep relaxation" prayer is not a standard theological kind of prayer. Most prayer merely petitions the Divine for something. For example, "Dear God please help me to get a new house" or "Dear God please help me pass the examination." This is egocentric, among other things. Absolute prayer is most like meditation. The purpose of absolute prayer is not to gain something but to become one with the Divine (however you may see that).


In what way is the unqualified use of hypnosis dangerous?

The unqualified use of hypnosis can 'disguise serious problems and delay there proper treatment.'


What level does espeon learn hypnosis?

Espeon cannot learn Hypnosis by any method.


How do you hypnotize a rabbit?

Rabbits can be "hypnotized" by placing them on their back.

Some people hypnotize their rabbits in order to groom them; some vets do it to take x-rays without having to anesthetize.

BUT being hypnotized isn't fun for your rabbit and you shouldn't do it for laughs. It isn't "cute" from the bunny's perspective!

It can be dangerous to "hypnotize" your rabbit. Rabbits are vulnerable to back injuries, especially when their feet aren't on the ground: if the rabbit snaps out of the hypnosis and kicks into the air, it can break its own back.

Being "hypnotized" is very frightening for some rabbits. It isn't good to frighten to your rabbit: acute stress can lead to panic and injury; repeated stress can lead to illness; and any stress caused by you will damage your relationship with your pet. This "sleeplike" reaction is probably rooted in a wild predator-prey behaviour, meaning the rabbit is terrified: this isn't something you should do for fun.

Some rabbits hypnotize really well but others don't. The more restless your rabbit is, the more precautions you should take when trying to "hypnotize" him. If your rabbit doesn't hypnotize deeply, and is always snapping out of it and trying to get away, then you should stop trying, period.

More detailed instructions (again, keep in mind, this isn't true for all rabbits):

To hypnotize your bunny you need to gently lay your rabbit on its back on a soft surface (pillow, blanket, carpet) and gently massage right between its jaw and neck, gently rub that for around 5 to 10 seconds and then let go of your rabbit and it won't move. Don't worry if you want to wake back up your rabbit just tap it or lay it back over on its feet.

NEVER let your rabbit's feet rest in thin air no matter what you're doing. ALWAYS support your rabbit's feet! If the rabbit is hypnotized on its back, you can lean forward so that the rabbit's feet are against your belly. If a rabbit kicks into thin air it can seriously injure itself.


Can you hypnotize someone to act like a chicken?

Yes, it is possible for people to act like a chicken under hypnosis.


Can you listen to auto suggestion or self hypnosis and or audio tapes while sleeping and expect it to work or remember it at a later time?

This is two questions: "Are autosuggestion or hypnosis tapes effective?" and "Is sleep learning effective?"

The answer to the first question is yes. Hypnosis is effective; not for everyone, not for everything but effective enough that it is well worthy exploring.

Most reliable sellers of hypnosis audio tapes offer money back guarantees, because results do vary.

As far as sleep learning, the research is clear: it does not work for the vast majority of people. This is not to say that it won't work for any particular person, but it is unlikely to be beneficial.

Note: I have a personal experience of the effectiveness of sleep learning.Many, many ye ars ago, as I Canadian high school senior, I was worried about flunking my compulsory French exams. I invested in a very primitive endless-tape type recorder and an under-the-pillow speaker. I taped myself pronouncing thousands of new French vocab to cram as much as possible. Vocab was my main weakness. On my mid-term I got an A in French. Success! Looking over my results, I was shocked to discover that I had made three spelling mistakes on words that I had known for years. How come? I asked myself.

Eventually, the mystery was solved. Reviewing my French Vocab tape, I discovered that I had mispronounced those three words. In the heat of battle, on that exam, I had spelled them phonetically, as I had learned them in my sleep from my own recording, not the correct spelling that I had previously learned and remembered well. Thus I was convinced that subconscious learning (in my sleep) was very effective. giving me confidence, quickly broadening my vocab level, getting a high score on my exams and, accidentally, un-learning some words that I had been sure of spelling correctly, long before I used the sleep-learning technique for cramming. End of story.


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