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How can people help pandas?

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you can help pandas by buying land for them

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Who are going to help pandas in China?

A lot of people are going to help pandas. They are going to help by not cutting down bamboo trees. I like to help. By not hunting pandas for their fur.Also I can go to China and help save the pandas.

What can be done to help red pandas?

One of the people who help endangered species are! They have all sorts of stuff to help endangered species like red pandas!

Why do people want to help the pandas?

because they are almost extinct

What can you do help pandas getting extinct?

You can tell people to start to care about pandas. You can tell the government to stop cutting down bamboo because that's were pandas live and eat. So make a difference help save a pandas life!

What does the WWF do to help pandas?

they get people to join there club to help people and learn about endangered species

How do pandas help people?

They eat bad things to help save people. Submitted by: Joseph A. Melton Hahahahaha

How could you help pandas?

you can help pandas by not cutting down their food, and their home. if you do that the pandas will live peacefully.

What do the wwf do to help pandas?

They help pandas by creating a better environment for the critters, and by telling people around their area, 2 stop polluting, and by creating enclosures for them where they can mate with another panda. ( Hopefully giant pandas!)

What can be done to help the giant pandas?

Giant pandas can be portected by making more reserves for them, also people can STOP HUNTING them

Why are Giant Panda's dying out?

It is because there is just enough food for the pandas and every year people pay money to help other people to get pandas looked after

What are people doing to help Giant Pandas from extinction?

there isa lot of things people are doing to help Giant Panda! like there is the World Wildlife thing! the government of china actually made spots of bamboo forest for the pandas! It is also illegal to poach Giant Pandas! * every body loves Giant Pandas! * I LOVE PANDAS * so let not have them go extinct OK?! if it happens i will sue u all! ha ha just kidding! i love people! BUT NOT AS MUCH AS I LOVE PANDAS! HELP THEM NOW! * actually i really don't like people!

What are people doing to help giant pandas from becoming extinct?

makeing it elegall to poach and zoos are doing breedind programes to improve popularitywe love pandaskeep our pandas

How can people take care of pandas?

you could help by trying to take them to a zoo

What are people doing to help the red pandas?

they are climbing trees and caching and killing them

How can you help save giant pandas?

To help to save giant pandas, support programs that help to protect their habitat. You can also help to educate people about the plight of the panda to promote breeding programs and to ensure the panda's protected status.

How can you help the pandas live?

the way you can help pandas live is putting them back in to their envioments

What characteristics help giant pandas survive?

There paws help Giant pandas survive

What do people teach pandas to do?

Well, People teach pandas to do flips and mostly help with tasks like caring things ( food, sugar, bamboo, etc. ) or just wood.

How can you help pandas survive?

You can help the pandas survive by adopting one or by supporting an environmental group.

What do people call pandas other than pandas?

giant pandas

How do red pandas help us?

Saving red pandas is important because they are an ambassador for clean air and water for approximately 1 billion people on our planet.

What is the possessive noun of pandas?

The possessive form of the plural noun pandas is pandas'.Example: Development by people is encroaching on the pandas' habitat.

How can we help giant pandas increase?

if people stops destroying their food such as bamboo and destroying their habitats

Do pandas help people?

yes they eat bambo by snapping it so oxygen then comes out and helpsus

How can you help pandas?

You can help pandas around the world by donating money or adopting a panda from some internet sites.