How can people help students that don't get good education get good education?

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This is hard because it really comes down to the attitude of the person who is getting the education. Some people just don't want to learn. People can vote for politicians who promote education and support educational charities.
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What are the fundamental elements to a good education?

Answer . \na good nights sleep, food. shelter and clothing. a good home that provides support ,and encouragement. Good health, the absents of stress .Structure in and out of the home, time set a side everyday for study. Then a good school system with good teachers . Also the childÂ’s pe ( Full Answer )

Why is it difficult for college students who work at a farm back at home to get a good education?

Resources are the primary issue.. Farms are rural, meaning RURAL. not near the city or dense populations.. Community resources (colleges and tech schools) are concentrated where the heaviest populations are. The heavier concentration of people or the greater the number of people in an area has s d ( Full Answer )

What the disadvantage of having good education?

There is nothing bad about having a good education, unless you use that good for evil an example is that when you know so much about the body and the blood vessels and all that, you could use it against nature of saving people and kill people you dislike or just harm them for nonetheless reasons. So ( Full Answer )

How can physical education help students learn?

Answer . It helps the circulation in the body, it helps the student to grow up properly, and they develop self-confidence with what they can achieve in P.E.,

Did the colonists have a good education?

the colonists only needed enough education to live on a farm, so the answer would be no. although they were educated in a one room schoolhouse.

Did Abe Lincoln have a good education?

Abraham Lincoln did not have a good education. It was said that he had less than one year of formal education. Lincoln taught himself to read.

Why is education good?

Education is good because it allows people to learn and becomesmarter. Education also shows children different areas of life. Achild can then decide what interests them.

Is the University of Phoenix a good school to apply for and are there instructors that care about the students education?

I am a current University of Phoenix student, and from my experiences the University of Phoenix is a good shcool. Once you request information an Enrollment Advisor will contact you to answer any questions you may have. Once enrolled you will have a Finacial Aid Advisor and an Academic advisor that ( Full Answer )

How many people don't have an education?

About 25-30 million people in the United States are illiterate. Most people have a high school education and the average person reads at a 6th grade level. 25% of the population have 4 years of college and hold a degree. While 5-8% have 6 years of college and a Master's. The number of people with a ( Full Answer )

Is the education good in South Africa?

The education in South Africa has proved to be good andcomprehensive. Most people actually end up in South Africa to getmore education in various fields.

What are good educational websites?

Some good websites are -- Shelfari ( a book website that you can discuss on books) -- Tween Tribune ( a website where you can see different news stories& discuss about them)

Why is education good for you?

Education enables you to have a broader understanding and perspective of the world around you. When growing up in a family, children learn from their parents and their immediate environment. Education brings greater contact with external factors such as knowledge and skills, enabling one to develop ( Full Answer )

Co education is good or bad?

Coeducation can be good or bad depending on one's point of view. Inmost cases it seems to be good because the education for boys andgirls is equal. In some cases it is bad because boys and girls tendto learn at different speeds and levels.

Did Andrew Jackson get a good education?

He had about 6 years of private instruction in fundamentals and around 2 years of training as a lawyer. He was not noted as a scholar. Yep He Did

Does Iceland have a good education?

yes, there is compulsory education in iceland from the age 5-16 and after that they can go to college or somthing

Was Michael Jackson's education good?

Due to the fame of Michael Jackson, he couldn attend any educational facility, only when he was a child. However he was a very intelligent man.

How good is symbiosis distance education?

The Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning serves more than 1.65 million students worldwide in 42 different countries. Headquartered in Pune, India, it is considered one of the country's top institutions and has state-of-the-art campuses located across the country. Its distance learning branch is co ( Full Answer )

Did Christina Aguilera get a good education?

Christina Aguilera is a great singer. She received a descent education from many different schools. Her training as a singer was great, though she has much natural talent.

Are educational games good for kids?

of course they help the brain may help them do better in school and they are fun so everyone is happy :) Yes, it is great to have kids learn through playing

Why educated people get good job and also uneducated people get good job?

Yes, life can be unfair. However, if you look at the chances of success in each category, you will feel better. I would guess that you are more than 10 times more likely of succeeding in finding a good job when you have a college degree from an accredited institution than when you have only secondar ( Full Answer )

Did Elvis Presley have good education?

Yes as he graduated from Humes High School in 1953. Elvis was active in the ROTC, music class, and library class. Elvis had a photographic memory and opted to work, and pursue his musical career, in lieu of going to College. However, whatever Elvis was passionate about he pursued it 100% and through ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of not having a good education?

The disadvantages of not having a good education are many and despairing. Without a good education, people won't know common place things through history, math, science, or whatever else. Through education, you're meant explore the far reaches of anything you can learn and hopefully at some point, f ( Full Answer )

Why is Physical Education good for us?

Because we are exercising and this helps for our body to live stronger and healthier. Some people just hate PE, and i dont blame them!

How will uniforms help students education?

Some people think so and some people don't. One of the main reasons why school uniforms are enforced is because teachers and administrators think that it will provide the students with less distraction then regular everyday clothes would. They think that it will help them focus better.

What technology is good for education?

Any technology that facilitates learning is good for education. Computers, Projectors, Cell phone jammers....just to name a few.

Why co education disadvantages is good?

Sexually segregated classrooms- while okay for such things as Gym and swim, indeed necessary, and arguably religious classes ( I was confirmed in l967 with an all-male sunday school class) well, it is totally contrary to reality USA, creates some unrealistic situations, and to top it off is expensiv ( Full Answer )

Why getting education is a good idea?

This world is driven by a person's ability. If a person has no abililty, then that person will receive nothing from the world. Education allows a person to perfect their abilities into usefull skills to allow them to succeed in the world. This being said, this is not why I am getting educated. ( Full Answer )

Why zoos are good for educational reasons?

zoos are good for educational reasons because you can learn about all different species of animals and know what they eat and basically you can learn anything about animals and watch their behavior. there is also another reason that our mind will remember what we see long time, than hearing.

Is technology good or bad in education?

It is a very good thing! if you don't believe me think if you had to do a report and you were given the internet or a bunch of old encyclopedias

Is Fiji education good or bad?

Fijian education system is the best in the Pacific. With more then 30subjects to choose in high school and over 10compulsory subjects in primary(elementary) school.

What interferes with your ability to get a good education?

Well, a number of things. 1) A learning disability or some form of disability can interfer with this. 2) Bad grades. Bad grades from stop you from entering universities or colleges. 3) Simply not naturally smart enough to. 4) Not enough effort. Some people just don't try enough. 5) Don't want to. ( Full Answer )

Is spartacus educational a good website?

This is a bit controversial. It is has a lot of articles and useful information, but its design seems a bit weird and its credibility has been disputed. Wikipedia has repeatedly removed it as a source and arbitrated users using Spartacus citing it being "dedicated to a propagandistic point of view". ( Full Answer )

Did neil peart have a good education?

Contrary to his nickname, "The Professor," Neil Peart did not go tocollege. After high school, he pursued his first love-- a career inmusic. But he has always been a voracious reader, and has picked upa great deal of knowledge from his love of books.

What is meaning of good education?

The meaning of a good education means when you are striving for the best for yourself. Good education means more opened doors for you in jobs or colleges and etc.

Do puerto ricans have a good education?

Like everything else, it depends on the family and personal values. Unfortunately, in the U.S. many Latin Americans (not just Puerto Ricans) suffer from a great deal of adversity in comparison to others which may affect education. HOWEVER, there are hundreds of influential people of Puerto Rican dec ( Full Answer )

Why an education is good?

an education is good because what happens when your job fails or if your deam does not come true? then your traped. an education is something to fall back on is your life is not going the way you want it too

Is online education a good choice?

Yes, online education is a spectacular choice for as long as one still has choices. Eventually, because of the condition of the current education system, there will be no more choices, so taking advantage of what is available while it is still available would be wise.

What ages are education books good for?

All education books are good for any age. There are some books available for certain ages or grades. Even those not in school enjoy read educational books just to be more in tune with the world or learn new information.

Is education a consumption good?

Education is not a consumption good because it's not something that can be created or used up. Education is something that is always available for use and will never be exhausted.

Does good driver education help reduce insurance?

Well, good driving education helps in reducing accidents in theroad. While you are opting for a Car Insurance for both First partyand Third party coverage, you are merely covering your car as wellas coverage when your car is involved with another vehicle and getsdamaged or cause damage to other's ca ( Full Answer )

Does Dubai have a good education system?

Yes it does! In fact you can now get graduated from an Americaneducational institute by being in Dubai through distance learningeducation system. I have a friend who lives in U.A.E but gotgraduated from A U.S certified institute. You can even consult thestudent counsellors of U.S universities availa ( Full Answer )

How do you describe people don't have education?

Describing an individual based on that one specific trait is difficult and vague. Hopefully they have become successful despite the lack of a formal education, and in that case I would describe them as determined and hard workers. I would also describe them as the underdog.