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How can people help students that don't get good education get good education?

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This is hard because it really comes down to the attitude of the person who is getting the education. Some people just don't want to learn. People can vote for politicians who promote education and support educational charities.
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Why is education good?

Education is good because it allows people to learn and become  smarter. Education also shows children different areas of life. A  child can then decide what interests them.

How many people don't have an education?

About 25-30 million people in the United States are illiterate. Most people have a high school education and the average person reads at a 6th grade level. 25% of the populati

Why is good education good?

A good education is really good, because it will help you get a job.

Why educated people get good job and also uneducated people get good job?

Yes, life can be unfair. However, if you look at the chances of success in each category, you will feel better. I would guess that you are more than 10 times more likely of su

How will uniforms help students education?

Some people think so and some people don't. One of the main reasons why school uniforms are enforced is because teachers and administrators think that it will provide the stud

Why an education is good?

an education is good because what happens when your job fails or if your deam does not come true? then your traped. an education is something to fall back on is your life is n

Does good driver education help reduce insurance?

Well, good driving education helps in reducing accidents in theroad. While you are opting for a Car Insurance for both First partyand Third party coverage, you are merely cove

How do you describe people don't have education?

Describing an individual based on that one specific trait is difficult and vague. Hopefully they have become successful despite the lack of a formal education, and in that ca