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Q: How can physical features of India can help in the development of tourism industry?
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What. are. the. factors. responsible. for. development. of. tourism industry. in. India?

cultural and physical factors as India has a rich heritage and it's climate is tolerant to bear.

Development of tourism industry?


What role did Sir Stafford Sands played in the tourism industry?

Sir Stafford Sands played a big role in the development of the tourism industry. He mainly affected the industry in the Bahamas.

The government has a responsibility towards the tourism industry.?

The governments of every underdeveloped, developing and developed country has a strong responsibility to uphold the integrity of the tourism industry, through it strong formulation of regulations and framework that safeguards the sustainable development of the tourism industry, the sources of funds for tourism resort development, marketing and promotion lays on the shoulder of government.

Define tourism development?

involves a broad ownership base which means that many people benefit from the tourism industry

How roads are responsible for the development of industry and tourism?

roads plays an important role in the development of Industry & tourism as if roads are in good condition tourists comes to visit our country in large quantity and also it'll affect our industries.

Physical factors responsible for development of tourism industry?

A pleasant climate, especially sunny conditions which appeal to people from very cold countries, mountains, lakes, forests or coastal scenery and beaches are necessary and significant in promoting tourism.

What are the factors that led to the development and growth of tourism industry worldwide?

Advances in modes of travel and in communication led to growth of the tourism industry. Integration of the global economy was also a factor.

What are the problems facing tourism industry in Malaysia?

Current issues facing the tourism industry in Malaysia are over development and expensive transportation. The destruction of the natural environment due to tourism is also becoming a big problem.

How automotive industry contribute to tourism?

tourism and automobile industry's contribution to tourism growth

Who is tourism?

I think what you meant is "What is Tourism?"Tourism is a study of man away from his usual habitat, of the industry which responds to his needs and of the impacts that both he and the industry have on the host socio-cultural, economic and physical environments., I, (1989), An Introduction to Tourism, Hospitality Press Pty Ltd, Australia

What are the factors responsible for development of tourism industry in South Asia?

it is because of its good climatic, good tourism industries and moreover the good behaviour the natives of South asia