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How can pneumonia spread?


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It is normal for humans to get sick every now and then, but the severity of illness depends on your overall toxicity and susceptibility (ie: do you eat healthy? exercise? are you stressed out?) I was 7 months pregnant (supposedly you have a suppressed immune system during pregnancy) and my partner got pneumonia, then strep throat, then pneumonia AGAIN...we shared everything, food, bed, kisses, etc..and I never got sick! I am a very health conscious individual, he on the other hand, loves his soda and bagels and cream cheese..If your body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive, you will probably be safe. If you are unhealthy however, you may be more vulnerable to viruses and such. Typically contagious ailments are spread through bodily fluids (saliva, mucous, etc) which means a sneeze into a hand, a hand on a door, your hand on that door, then your hand on your food which goes into your mouth..If you are freaked out about catching pneumonia, eat plenty of vitamin c, echinacea (do not take for more than 10 days), get plenty of rest, drink green tea, avoid sugar and processed foods, and you'll be okay :)