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Q: How can prepare 0.1 M solution of acetic acid in 100ml?
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How you are going to prepare a solutin containing 3 percent acetic acid and 97 percent water?

Measuring 3ml of Glacial Acetic Acid in a 100ml volumetric flask and diluting the same with water upto the 100ml mark will give exactly 3% solution of Acetic Acid containing 97% water...thats all, thank you

What volume of a 2.5M stock solution of acetic acid is required to prepare 100.0 milliliters of a 0.50M acetic acid solution?

The answer is 20,15 mL.

How do you prepare 100 mL 3M hydrochloric acid?

To prepare a 3% acetic (ethanoic) acid solution, you must first standardise the ethanoic acid. This question assumes that has already been done. To make the concentration 3%, there must be 30g per 1000mL (30gL-1). Dissolve or mix in 30g of ethanoic acid per 1000ml (1L). Pipette this into aliquots of 100mL samples. You now have a 3% ethanoic/acetic acid solution.

What volume of a 2.5 M stock solution of acetic acid (HC2H3O2) is required to prepare?

This depends on your experiment.

How do you prepare a solution that is 5000 PPM acetic acid?

add 2.4ml glacial aetic acid in one liter of d.m water

how to prepare 0.1 N Glacial acetic acid solution?

To prepare a 0.1 N glacial acetic acid solution, calculate the required mass by multiplying 0.1 moles by the molar mass of glacial acetic acid (60.05 g/mol). Weigh out the calculated mass and add it to a clean container. Dissolve the glacial acetic acid completely by stirring it with distilled water. Transfer the solution to a 1-liter volumetric flask and dilute it to the 1-liter mark with distilled water. Mix thoroughly, label, and store the solution properly, taking necessary safety precautions when handling glacial acetic acid.

How do you make 0.2M acetic acid solution - 100mL and the expected pH of this solution?

10 percent acetic acid indicates there is .1 liters of acetic acid, which is equal to 1.75 moles, or 105 grams per liter. To make this solution, add 7 liters of the 2M solution to 1 liter of water, or 7/8 solution to 1/8 water.

How can we react dehydrating agent with acetic acid?

Dehydration of acetic acid to prepare acetic anhydride occur at 8oo oC.

Is acetic acid aqueous?

Vinegar is an example for an aqueous solution of acetic acid.

Vinegar is a weak solution of what?

Vinegar is a weak solution of acetic acid.

How do you prepare wijs solution?

Iodine monochloride is soluble in alcohol, ether, acetic acid. ICl is prepared from iodine and chlorine.

What is molarity of 2m acetic acid?

(.05)X(grams of total solution) = grams of acetic acid (grams of acetic acid)/ (mol. wt. of acetic acid(=60g/mol)) = mol. acetic acid (mol. acetic acid)/ (Liters of total solution) = molarity(M)