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Stay out of the sun. It will fade with time. Don't try to use chemicals; they damage your skin a lot more than it's worth.

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Q: How can remove a tan?
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How can you remove fake tan from sheets?

im afraid that it is i allmost impossible to remove fake tan form your sheets

How do you remove fake tan quickly?

Shave where the fake tan is and then scrubb over it.

Can you have a tattoo while you have fake tan on?

You can but the tattooist will use a cleaner beforehand and that will remove the tan in that area

How do you remove fake tan?

I had alot of problems removing fake tan but i found shaving where the fake tan is removes the top layer of fake tan and then scrubbing the exact place removes the excess fake tan. Hope it help

How do you remove fake tan bronzer cream?

Fake tan bronzer cream can be removed by simply showering it off.

How do you get rid of fake tan cream?

You can remove fake tan creams with baking soda, facial creams, or tooth paste.

Does showering after tanning remove your tan?

Depends on the tan- sun tan (no)-spray tan (it will fade every time you shower)- tanning lotion(depending on what the bottle said, water might take it off or it might stay on for a few days)

How do you remove suntan?

Removing a suntan is virtually impossible. The best way to remove it is to avoid the sun so that the tan fades away.

What should remove before getting a tan?

shirt glasses jewelry watch shoes

Tan 9 plus tan 81 -tan 27-tan 63?

tan(9) + tan(81) - tan(27) - tan(63) = 4

What is tan20tan32 plus tan32tan38 plus tan38tan20?

This may not be the most efficient method but ... Let the three angle be A, B and C. Then note that A + B + C = 20+32+38 = 90 so that C = 90-A+B. Therefore, sin(C) = sin[(90-(A+B) = cos(A+B) and cos(C) = cos[(90-(A+B) = sin(A+B). So that tan(C) = sin(C)/cos(C) = cos(A+B) / sin(A+B) = cot(A+B) Now, tan(A+B) = [tan(A)+tan(B)] / [1- tan(A)*tan(B)] so cot(A+B) = [1- tan(A)*tan(B)] / [tan(A)+tan(B)] The given expressin is tan(A)*tan(B) + tan(B)*tan(C) + tan(C)*tan(A) = tan(A)*tan(B) + [tan(B) + tan(A)]*cot(A+B) substituting for cot(A+B) gives = tan(A)*tan(B) + [tan(B) + tan(A)]*[1- tan(A)*tan(B)]/[tan(A)+tan(B)] cancelling [tan(B) + tan(A)] and [tan(A) + tan(B)], which are equal, in the second expression. = tan(A)*tan(B) + [1- tan(A)*tan(B)] = 1

How can remove a tan i have been tanned for 4 years still i can't back into my original coluor?

Stay out of the Sun.

How do you remove tanning?

Well, if it is a natural sun tan, theirs not a real way to "remove" it. The best way to try is to stay out of the sun as much as possible and it will go away but slowly.

How do you remove headlight bulb Mitsubishi Galant es?

Open hood, look at headlamp assembly. There will be large white/tan cover. Turn cover clockwise to remove. Turn the headlamp assembly c-clockwise and remove.

If for a triangle abc tan a-b plus tan b-c plus tan c-a equals 0 then what can you say about the triangle?

tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) + tan (C-A)=0 tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) - tan (A-C)=0 tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) = tan (A-C) (A-B) + (B-C) = A-C So we can solve tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) = tan (A-C) by first solving tan x + tan y = tan (x+y) and then substituting x = A-B and y = B-C. tan (x+y) = (tan x + tan y)/(1 - tan x tan y) So tan x + tan y = (tan x + tan y)/(1 - tan x tan y) (tan x + tan y)tan x tan y = 0 So, tan x = 0 or tan y = 0 or tan x = - tan y tan(A-B) = 0 or tan(B-C) = 0 or tan(A-B) = - tan(B-C) tan(A-B) = 0 or tan(B-C) = 0 or tan(A-B) = tan(C-B) A, B and C are all angles of a triangle, so are all in the range (0, pi). So A-B and B-C are in the range (- pi, pi). At this point I sketched a graph of y = tan x (- pi < x < pi) By inspection I can see that: A-B = 0 or B-C = 0 or A-B = C-B or A-B = C-B +/- pi A = B or B = C or A = C or A = C +/- pi But A and C are both in the range (0, pi) so A = C +/- pi has no solution So A = B or B = C or A = C A triangle ABC has the property that tan (A-B) + tan (B-C) + tan (C-A)=0 if and only if it is isosceles (or equilateral).

What is insta-tan?

It is a lotion to get a quick tan.

What is the airport code for Tan Tan Airport?

The airport code for Tan Tan Airport is TTA.

What is tan?

Names in Vietam: Tan An, Long Tan, etc.

How do you find the value of tan 135?

tan(135) = -tan(180-135) = -tan(45) = -1

What is the exact trigonometric function value of cot 15 degrees?

cot(15)=1/tan(15) Let us find tan(15) tan(15)=tan(45-30) tan(a-b) = (tan(a)-tan(b))/(1+tan(a)tan(b)) tan(45-30)= (tan(45)-tan(30))/(1+tan(45)tan(30)) substitute tan(45)=1 and tan(30)=1/√3 into the equation. tan(45-30) = (1- 1/√3) / (1+1/√3) =(√3-1)/(√3+1) The exact value of cot(15) is the reciprocal of the above which is: (√3+1) /(√3-1)

Which is greater tan 1tan2 tan3 .arrange them in descending order?

If the angles are measured in degrees or gradians, then: tan 3 > tan 2 > tan 1 If the angles are measured in radians, then: tan 1 > tan 3 > tan 2.

How much does a tan cost?

Depends on where you go to get a tan, and the quality of the tan.

What color is tan?

I dont know tan tan brown and white mixed together Tan is sand coloured.

How do you say mactan?

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How do you find tan B if tan A equals 678?

tan A says nothing about tan B without further information.