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well if it is technology well the radiation is the one

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Q: How can science destroy society and the environment?
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How can science build or destroy your society?

Science can build aircons, but it also have a bad effect to our environment/society because of their CFCs

What is an ecologically literary society?

An ecologically literate society would be a sustainable society which did not destroy the natural environment on which they depend.

How can science and technology build and destroy society and environment?

Science and technology can build society by improving quality of life, advancing healthcare, and creating efficiencies in various industries. However, they can also have negative impacts by contributing to environmental degradation, creating new forms of pollution, and widening social inequalities if not implemented responsibly. Balancing the benefits and risks of science and technology is essential to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for society and the environment.

How can science build or destroy society and the environment?

Di ko alam kaya nga ako nag search sa google eh hehe from sfnps 7-st. Agatha Tamang sagot to ito kopyahin niyo!

How can science improve the quality of your life or destroy the society?

Science can just improve the way-of-living of man. It cannot harm anybody unless, it is brought into any kind of carelessness or misuse. Man made science, which has passed on from generations, and has been improved during the same process. It is us humans who can either destroy science or destroy ourselves misusing it, or can improve it to improve our standard of living ;)

What is the theme of science month 2011?

The theme of Science Month 2011 was "Chemistry and Society", focusing on the role of chemistry in everyday life and its impact on society and the environment.

Is biological warfare a legitimate use of science?

Opinions about biological warfare being a legitimate use of science will differ. It is my opinion that using science to hurt and destroy human beings, animals, the environment or anything at all is NEVER a legitimate use of science.

What is bachelor of science in agricultural technology all about?

agriculture technology is to main the environment and to promote ta society that can help people!

Why called criminology is a science?

Developments in technology have changed the environment of crime, which, in some of its new forms, poses a serious threat to society.

When was Science In Society created?

Science In Society was created in 2004.

What role has science played to help raise society's awareness of the environment for the greenhouse effect?

the invention of le internet, the ability to print things out...... so lazy of you not todo the science Homework..................

Why is science important to society?

science is important to society because science in all around us