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  • repeating it
  • asking other scientists to repeat it
  • critically discussing their results with other scientists
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Q: How can scientists be sure there research is reliable?
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What is the final step necessary before scientists can consider their research reliable and valid?

they have to get entouch with the federal food assoc.

Which scientists research medicine?

Medical research scientists.

What do scientists do after an investigation?

In most cases, scientists are testing a hypothesis to find out if it is true. After they have concluded their research and made certain they have enough information to determine a reliable result, they will usually write up their findings and publish the results in a journal, so that other scientists can learn from the research, and perhaps expand upon it in future scientific investigations.

How do they get blind?

4 out of 5 scientists have proven through extensive research on small, insignificant creatures that they are not sure who "they" are.

How reliable is the Wikipedia?

its a good place to research but its not always reliable.

Is a reliable source to purchase software from? is a reliable source to purchase software from. You should always do your research on the product description before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your computer.

How do scientists get information?

Scientists get information from research, observations, experiments, and other scientists.

Why must researchers consider the precision of their instruments when they are determining the significance of data?

Because scientists want to obtain correct, sure, reliable experimental data.

What is researh?

Exploratory research is that is in explicit in nature. And the result of this research is reliable.

Is Hephaestus Books Publishing Reliable for Research sources?

It's as reliable as Wikipedia.

Why are scientists tempted to lie?

They aren't tempted to lie because if they lie and their research doesn't prove to accurate they are disgraced and their research is trash. They do everything possible to make sure what they do can be verified and proven.

What is reliable information?

Information that you can trust would be termed reliable. If you aren't sure of the source, or the source is someone that you don't trust, then the information would be unreliable, and you wouldn't count on it in an important situation. If the information is reliable, then you might trust it without doing your own research.