How can smoking affect your body?


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it can make you out of breath from doing simple things like walking up a fligh of stairs, it can give lung cancer and turn your lungs black, and it can thin you blood vessels/vains


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Smoking can affect all the organs of the body system.

No, but that doesn't mean smoking does not harm the body.

Smoking effects every part of your body. This is a good sight, it tells you how smoking affects different parts of the body.

Smoking modifies some parts of your body responsible for elimination of certain drugs. (this is basically explained..!) This is why body elimination of certain drugs might be modified by smoking or quitting smoking.

it makes thing long and blurry

Cigarette smoking does affect the human body. It is an appetite repressent, it causes cancer, and it can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Death is the main affect from smoking.

it makes your bum bum all wet and soggy

Smoking affects chlamydia to the same extent that it affect other infections. It occupies the immune system, making your body less effective at fighting infection.

Yes, smoking just about affects everything in the body. Teeth can rot and sometimes the gums can go black.

No. It will not influence the hormones in your body that regulate puberty. But, smoking will greatly enhance your chances of getting lung cancer.

Smoking directly damages the lungs, and it can also affect the heart over a period of time.

smoking can affect you by shortening your life

Pregnancy tests check levels of perticular hormones. Smoking marijuana does not affect hormone levels in the body. So to answer your question, no it wont affect the results of a pregnancy test.

Smoking causes the following: bad smelling body, bad smelling breath, yellow teeth, and early wrinkling.

smoking weed does not affect your period, smoking grass might however

Smoking can cause a lot of health problems. Smoking can cause lung cancer and other breathing disorders. Quit if you possibly can! Have a read of all the helpful information here:

Smoking tobacco lowers one's body temperature, especially in the extremeties, so ones fingers and toes may feel cold during or after a smoking session.

Smoking anything affects the larynx and pharynx, along with the lungs and nearly every other part of your body.

Smoking can do so many deathly and horrible things to your body. It affects sense of taste because of the tar in the cigarette.

Yes, it affects your lungs and other places. I you are talking about drugs then I'm sure they affect you too in your body, obviously they'd affect your head.

pretty much all of them lol the chemicals get into your blood stream and go everywhere in your body.

It doesnt affect anything in the lungs, mostly cancer is found in the mouth. That's wrong, smoking cigars can affect your lungs. Even though you wouldn't normally inhale a cigar, you still are inhaling some. Smoking cigars can also affect your blood pressure which can lead to a lot of different heart conditions.

Smoking does not affect STD treatment. Smoking can make it more likely to have complications from HPV.

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