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How can solar energy replace conventional sources of energy in various fields?

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November 02, 2008 9:51PM

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. It is sourced from the sun, which in human timeframes has a long life for energy output. Solar energy is therefore an almost infinite energy source. Most convential energy sources (uranium, coal, oil, gas, etc.) are unrenewable. Such energy sources are sourced from the earth and so are finite. The timeframes for the "finite-ness" of conventional energy sources vary and are disputed. Conventional energy sources also produce negative by-products through their conversion to thermal energy, kinetic energy, and electric energy, such as radioactive waste, sulphur, CO2, etc. Solar energy is a clean (i.e. minimal negative by-products) but diffuse energy source. Current technology developed to capture solar energy is inefficient in capturing and concentrating the energy for distribution and use as thermal energy, and electrical energy, compared to conventional sources.