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If your laptop has the MXM type video card it can be upgraded but not without stripping the laptop down. The MXM type card fits into a slot on the motherboard (My Toshiba Sat Pro A200 has the ATI HD2400) I upgraded this to the ATI HD 3450 which was bought from ebay. If your laptop has builtin graphics such as Intels X3100 you can't upgrade it at all.

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Can you upgrade the video processor in a Toshiba Satellite laptop?

With a laptop, much of the chip & motherboard design is bespoke (to fit it into the space and power constrains of a laptop) and does no lend it self to upgrades.

Can you upgrade video on a laptop?

It depends on the laptop. Some laptops have the video on a separate board that can be replaced for upgrades, but most do not.

How do you update your video card for free?

You can go on nvidia.com and get upgrades but they usually fix bugs but do not upgrade the speed of the card. :( I've tried too but there is no free way

Where do I purchase a toshiba video wall?

I have found a few sources for the toshiba video wall, including www.gearsource.com. After searching for quite a bit, I've also found the Toshiba video wall projector on Ebay.

How do you put a sd card in a toshiba laptop?

How do you create a video camra on your toshiba laptop

What can you upgrade an AGP video card to?

You can upgrade an AGP video card to any other AGP video card.

What software comes with the Toshiba Portege, and what is the manufacturer's warranty Are upgrades available for memory (how much) and an extended warranty?

Toshiba products come with the Toshiba pre-loaded software (games, webcam, video, etc) along with trials for Microsoft Office and Anti-virus. The warrant is a limited three year warranty. Extended warranties must be purchased within 6 months of purchase.

When might you choose no to upgrade your video card?

When the cost of the upgrade outweighs the benefit of the upgrade.

how much does a toshiba video wall display cost?

Toshiba Video Wall displays are premium, high quality electronic devices that range from $1000.00 and up.

Would the Asus Geforce Gtx680 4gb ddr5 pci-e video card work on a toshiba satellite l750 And what PCI express does it have?

The short answer is no. The computer you're mentioning is a laptop. The card you mention is a desktop video card. There is no expansion slot for the laptop you mention for a video card like the one you asked about.Now there *are* some laptops that do have the ability to replace and/or upgrade your video card. The Toshiba you mentioned is not one of them. It's video card is built right into the logic board itself.

Can I upgrade optiplex GX520 Graphics?

Yes You can upgrade the video card

Does the 512KB Mac Video RAM only upgrade my video memory, not my system memory?

That's correct, it will upgrade your video memory and not your system memory.

On your television what video does the Wii have to be on?

Just hit the video button until it shows. I have a Toshiba TV and it shows on Video 3.

Easy Upgrades and the Desktop PC?

While desktop computers are not quite as popular as their laptop counterparts, they are a great choice for users looking to upgrade their computers over time. Generally speaking, it's rather difficult to upgrade a laptop; you're stuck with your video card and your processor for the entire lifespan of the computer. Desktops, on the other hand, are incredibly easy to upgrade. Processors, hard drives, video cards, and RAM are freely upgradeable so long as the motherboard is compatible with the replacement hardware.

Can you upgrade the first iPad?

No, it is not possible to upgrade the memory, resolution, video or network features on any iPad.

What video driver does a Toshiba Satellite Pro 460CDT use?


Where can you obtain information on toshiba television?

You can obtain information at the main toshiba website but a great site to get impartial information about toshiba televisions is cnet as they give a thorough review of products. They have written and video reviews and a rating system.

What should you upgrade on your computer for gaming?

Most people upgrade their processor, ram, video, and sound cards for gaming.

Can you upgrade video memory on a Acer Aspire L3600 desktop?

Yes you can upgrade if you add a video card{graphics card} with a 256 mb graphic card or 512 mb

How do you upgrade a video card?

You must buy a new video card and follow the instructions as to how to install it.

Is it possible to upgrade the video card of a laptop?

It depends both on madel and current video card

How do you download free drivers for a Toshiba Satellite A35-S159 laptop?

my laptop is toshiba satellite a35 s159 so i need VGA video controler

Can i upgrade my graphics card on a advent 7040?

You can upgrade/update your 'Graphic Card' on ANY laptop or computer 'Video Card' = 'Graphic Card' Search 'Video Card' for more help.

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