How can someone know what their guardian angel name is?

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2016-12-01 07:04:11

We have no proof that guardian angels exist, but if they do

exist they never communicate information of this nature.

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2013-12-10 16:10:23

Usually, guardian angels don't tell you their names- or they see

no need to. When I was younger, I simply named my guardian angel

"Gootch", and he accepted this name as his own, never questioning

it or telling me the name he yielded in his previous lifetime. He

might not even have had one. I can't speak for every guardian

angel, for my views of them are extremely limited; even to my own.

When I went to see a reader a couple of years ago, she explained

his physical appearance exactly as I saw him, but she never told me

his name. When the session was over, I asked her quickly what his

name was, and her response was something along the lines of "What

do you usually call him?"

I think names may be unimportant to angels, and are only

important to them if a name is important to you. Otherwise, I don't

think they have a reason to be named. If you believe in your angel,

don't question whether they are male or female, or their name.

Sometimes you just know, but you make it harder on yourself by

thinking that you don't.

In Addition:

The Catholic Church strongly discourages people from naming

their Guardian Angels. We name our children, we name our pets,

perhaps our car or other possession. When we name something, we

claim ownership. We do not own our Guardian Angels.

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