How can the illness of being sociopath affect them mentally physically and socially?

I'll start with physically because it's the easiest one. To sum it up, there is originally no physical difference between a sociopath and a "normal" person. However, sociopaths may be less careful with themselves than others. They may have drug/alcohol disorders. They might drive more quickly than others (for example) and have a higher rate of car crashes. Sociopathy is characterised by reckless decisions, and those could hurt the person.

Socially, the sociopath is very charming. Many might not be able to see past their charisma. The sociopath is able to hurt people emotionally. If the person isn't too pulled into the sociopath's web, the person could warn others, who might come to realise that the sociopath isn't as great as they thought they were.

Mentally, sociopaths are generally of average to above average intelligence. The sociopath is fundamentally different from others in that they feel little or no guilt, though. Guilt is one of the main reasons why society is the way it is. No matter how much you dislike today's society, you've got to admit that it would be worse with more sociopaths- or anyone who didn't feel guilt.