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The fossils in south America & West Africa are the same during the perids in which they were one continent before sepatarion due to the opening of Atlantics ocean which resulted from plate tectonics.


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black soil and alluvial soil is found in Gujarat.

Soil Texture - measurement of the proportion of mineral particles of different sizes that are found in the same sample of soil (sand, silt, clay).

The name given to a dead plant or animal that is found in the soil is a fossil.

the different type of soil found in India are 1] black soil 2] alluvial soil 3] red soil and 4th lateral soil

Mud is composed of a mixture of soil and water. Soil is a complex substance with both organic and inorganic components, and furthermore, there are many different types of soil, found in different locations. So not all soil is the same, and not all mud is the same.

Relative Dating, its where the paleontologists date the fossils according to the layer of soil that the fossil was found compared to other fossils that were carbon dated that were in the same soil layer.

It is a genus trilobite that has been found as a fossil on New York soil. It went extinct about 232 million years ago.

Different types of soil have different nutrients so no.

Soil is not the same everywhere. In different locations we can find soil with different chemical composition, and different pH. Soil can be either acid or alkaline.

Alluvial soil found in haryana - Vishal Azad / KV Palwal

fossil fuels the soil and the ocean fruit and vegetables carbon dioxide all of the above

Sandy soilSilty soilClay soilLoamy SoilPeaty SoilChalky Soil this helps!

you find them in the lowest soil.

12 different types of soil see link below for answer

there are mainly seven types of soil in india.

the different types of soil can be found all over!! sand:beaches clay:pottery place loam:gardens Submitted my an 11-yr old gurl!! ROCK ON PPL!!

they are different because they do not come in from the same place.

There are between 250 and 300 different soil types (aka soil 'series') in South Carolina. The majority of these soil types are in a category of soil called the Ultisols. As with biology, there is a taxonomic system for naming soils. The broadest categories are called soil 'orders.' It may help to think of them in the same way as the different 'kingdoms' in biology. Almost all the soils in South Carolina are in the soil order of Ultisols. Other orders found in SC include Entisols, which are very young soils, found in SC at the coast and in river floodplains. Inceptisols are also commonly found in the mountains.

Soil texture is a measurement of the proportion of mineral particles of different sizes that are found a sample of soil

Describe the distribution and characteristic of different types of soil in North-East India?

They all share the same kind of soil but different particles

Different plants have different nutrients , so no

The potatoes are not the fossil fuels.But they can turn into fossil fuels once buried in soil for million years.

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