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The idea is that studying tornadoes, which sometimes means getting close to them, allows us to better understand them. A better understanding of tornadoes may help us predict them, which would mean better warnings for people who might be in the path of a tornado.

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People have been inside of tornadoes.

If the tornado is relatively close and no other shelter is available then yes. Tornadoes are fast moving and unpredictable, you should not attempt to outrun one.

In the long term tornadoes are predicted by looking at factors such as temperature and wind speed and direction at different levels of the atmosphere and by monitoring any storm systems that might come through the area. In the short term tornadoes are predicted by scanning thunderstorms with doppler radar and looking for signs of strong rotation.Scientists study tornadoes primarily with doppler radar as well, which can pick up information on the winds inside the funnel it you can get close enough. A few have deployed probes inside of tornadoes to take measurements.

AT a shelter that is close to you.

There were 137 confirmed tornadoes in Texas in 2001, which is close to the average.

Yes, Illinois does have a lot of tornadoes as it s very close to Tornado Alley.

No. You do not need to take shelter during a tornado watch. You take shelter if a tornado warning is issued. If you are in a closet shelter you should close the door; it may not provide adequate protection otherwise.

No, not even close. Tornadoes in the United States kill an average of about 60 people per year. The highest death toll in a single year from tornadoes in the U.S. was 747 with an overall decrease in deaths since the 1940s.By contrast, over 30,000 people in the U.S. die from gunshot wounds annually.

No. Tornadoes cannot affect areas that don't have tornadoes. However, tornadoes can occur in more places than many people realize. It is not uncommon for people to think that tornadoes don't occur in their areas when, in fact, they do. This is a result of a few factors. First, although tornadoes can occur in most places on earth, they are quite rare in many areas. Second, many tornadoes are relatively weak and cause only minor to moderate damage and so are less reported than the EF4s and EF5s that level whole neighborhoods. Third, may people to not pay close enough attention to events and are quick to forget many events.

Yes. Wichita has been hit by a number of tornadoes including at least one F4 and a close encounter with an F5.

What have scientists learned after close study of the chemical structure of the cell and its nucleus?"

On average Pennsylvania gets about 12 tornadoes per year, so the number of counties that get tornadoes is probably close to that, when you take into account tornadoes crossing county lines and a single county getting multiple tornadoes.

open your mouth and close your eyes, find shelter as soon as possible and do not leave the shelter

Storm chasers are people who deliberately get close to things like tornadoes. They use pieces of equipment such as laptops and radios.

Near a tornado winds a very strong and the roar can be deafening. Many people have reported feeling their ears pop as the pressure dropped. Up close it is sometimes possible to clearly make out the debris that the tornado picks up. The funnel may appear translucent, especially around the edges. The videos linked below contains some up close footage of tornadoes.

No all tornadoes are a threat even weak tornadoes cause they all bring damage and an impact on humans even weak tornadoes cause somebody can die if there close to a weak tornado or a small object that can cause significant damage to humans

During the winter months, red foxes will shelter in dens which they are sure to have close to a water source.

Yes, tornadoes do smell. They have a lovely smell of fresh cut wood and rain (personal experience)."If you can smell one you're way too close."

He gave the shelter, food and water. They were close.

no but scientists are getting close...

Michican gets its fair share of tornadoes. Compared to other states, it is close to the median. It usually gets between a dozen and two dozen tornadoes per year, but has seen a few major outbreaks.

tornados hit Houston and dallas the most. Houston because there close to the cost. dallas because there close or in tornado allay.

Yes. Florida is in fact one of the most tornado-prone states in the country, with close to the same number of tornadoes per year as Oklahoma. The tornadoes in Florida generally attract less attention than the ones in Tornado Alley because they are not as strong.

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