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How can things change and still be the same

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As much as things change they stay the same?

What makes a thing that thing, that same thing? If that what makes it that thing is/are still there after other changes then it is still the same thing.

A substance that undergoes a chemical change is still the same substance after the change?

No. If it were still the same substance then it would be a physical change, not chemical.

How do you know if a chemical or physical change has occurred?

when the things have been change in color or size its already known that its a chemical but if it is the same size and color it still physical

If a plasticine is change to another shape will it have the same mass?

it will not change as the plasticine is still the same plasticine.Therefore,the plasticine mass will also not change.

A substance that undergoes a blank is still the same substance after the change?

physical change

What things were still the same after war?

there are still slaves, poverty, poor people and etc

Is ice freezing a physical or chemical change?

It is a physical change. It is still the same substance.

Is pouring milk into your cereal a physical change?

yes it is because a chemical change is way different than physical and a physical change is when it is still the same for example when you rip cut or crumble a pice of paper it is still the same !

A substance that undergoes a chemical change is still the same substance after the change. True or false?

The statement is false: A chemical change of a substance is defined as a change in which the substance is not the same substance after the change as it was before.

Is tossed salad a chemical change?

No, the chemical composition is still the same.

What is a change of a solid liquid or gas?

a physical change as in the matter is still the same but it has changed its physical form

Is boiling water a physical or cemical change?

It's a physical change. The chemical formula is still the same.

Is a solid that is crushed a chemical or physical change?

It's still the same substance, so it is a physical change.

What is the word for when something stays the same in history?

When some thing stays the same in history it is still the same it doe not change.

When you change your username do you still have to use the same password?

Â?When you change your user name, your password, your list of contributions, and your trust points will remain the same.

Why do living things grow and change?

Living things grow and change because if we didn't we would have never Ben born cause we have to grow to be born ,and that's the same for most things.

Is picking tomatoes from a plant a chemical change?

No. If you remove your finger from your hand, it is still a part of your hand. It does not change. If you remove a tomato, it stays the same. It is still a plant. It's a physical change.

Is matter still the same even though it has change states?

Yes, but it depends on what exactly you mean by "the same".

Can you change the color of your Gaia avatar's eyes?

Yes, but you'll have to delete your avatar. It won't affect your inventory in any way, so your avatar can still wear the same things. There are some items that change your eyes, but these are usually expensive.

Is ripping pants a physical change or a chemical change?

It is a physical change, as the pants are still made out of the same substance before and after ripping them.

What is after a physical change?

a physical change is when the object changes in a way but it is still that same object Example: A piece of bread if u toast (burn) it it will still be bread

Cutting of cheese is a physical change?

Yes, the cutting of cheese is considered as a physical change because the substance is still the same (cut cheese and it is still cheese).

Is liquid expanding in a thermometer a chemical change?

No. It's a physical change since it's still the same liquid.

Does physical state of matter always change during a chemical change?

No. Two elements of the same state can combine and still be in the same state in the end product.

What are physcial changes?

physcial change is is when something changing its form but it is still the same.