How can travel broaden the mind?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How can travel broaden the mind?
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Why does travel broaden the mind?

you get more knowledge about other places and learn the history.

How do you use wider in a sentence?

Wider is the comparative form of the adjective 'wide' (wide, wider, widest); a great or more than average width; it also means considerable; including a great variety; extending over a wide range of people, places, or the whole of something. Example sentences:My car is wider than average and it's hard to open the doors in an average parking space.The video of folk dances of the world gave the class a wider interpretation of the word dance.

How do you put broaden in a sentence?

you must broaden your mind.

Who said travel broadens the mind?

Travel broadens the mind

What is the motivation and desire to travel?

To discover the world. Broaden your horizons. Seek adventure, relax, enjoy the moment with families.

What to do to stop from getting shocked?

Broaden your mind, and be more accepting of other people and their differences from you. -or- Learn to work responsibly with electricity.

Can you give a sentence using broaden?

This course should broaden my horizons.

Should teenagers travel to other places?

Travel is often rewarding. It is good to broaden your experiences. But plan your travels, so you know where you are going, where you will live, how your financial requirements will be met, etc. Don't just travel and trust to fate. That can end badly.

What does the term broaden your horizons refer to?

To broaden a ones horizons means to expand their life experiences. Also, to open ones mind to new things and try new things and going beyond ones comfort zone. To expand knowledge of the world and do something one would not usually do.

How do you broaden my horizons?


What is the verb for broad?

The verb related to the adjective broad and the noun broadness is to broaden.

What is the verb of broad?