Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald

How can unlock surf in Pokemon sapphire?


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beat your dad and wallys dad will give it to you.


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The most easiest way to get a Pokemon that can surf is get a Zizagoon,it can learn surf.

You must teach a Pokemon the Surf HM, It can be collected throughout the Main Story

Any water Pokemon besides magikarp and also linoone can learn surf as well.

in the waters and on top (not really if you surf)

Go to the house to the left of Petalburg Gym

You have to surf from LILYCOVE city to the right

You have to surf from either Mossdeep or Sootopolis.

you find it in the area for the mach bike, and you have to you surf to get it.

in Sapphire before facing kyogre you will get it

You get surf for beating your dads gym.

Swampert, Hariyama, and Ludicolo.

to get surf in sapphire you have to go and beat your dad.then go next door to the left.that is wallys house witch you will need to get surf,but you will need to talk to the old man i belive it is.

the sapphire needed to unlock trading to pokemon ruby and sapphire...and you need it to catch mewtwo

you surf south west form lilycove city, have to know surf!

When you can surf, go to mauville and make sure you have a basement key, surf to the cave, go in and unlock the door... You go in the water on route 110 right under the sign for the bike road building.

you could go to route 103 i think get a lotad and teach it surf, a zigzagoon also can learn it

next to lylicove city you need surf

You have to go up,then right,then down and surf

in Pokemon emerald,ruby,and sapphire is a surf away from where you first battled may

All you do is go to your bag find your surf HM clickk on it and go to use then use it on the appropriate pokemon it isnt that hard

you must have gotten6 gym badges the use surf from lilycove to MT.pyre and so on from there you must do MT.pyre FIRST then surf farther(follow the pokenav) hope this helps ;) good luck in Pokemon sapphire!

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