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How can we conserve natural resources?

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Conserve natural resources?

We can conserve our natural resources by: 1)not wasting water 2)not misusing resources 3)plating saplings

What are India's natural resources and natural resources?

The minerals are natural resources. As a good citizen of india, what should you do to conserve our natural resources.

How natural resources can be used wisely?

They conserve or recycle their resources.

What can you do to conserve natural resources?

Use less of them

What can you do to use less natural resources?


Is it important to conserve natural resources?


How can schools conserve natural resources?

by not wasting them

Many governments around the world conserve their natural resources by?

Many governments around the world conserve their natural resources by

How does reusing products help conserve natural resources?

one way is to conserve resources is to reduce the amounts that are used

Why it is high time you conserve natural resources?

because misuse fof natural resources as well as its important to conserve water , forest etc for our next generation.

Give one way in which government can help conserve natural resources?

Use our natural resources properly

How can humans conserve natural resources?

by not using them up.

Steps taken by government to conserve resources?

govrnment con buy a hybrid car to conserve natural resources like fossil fuels

How can you conserve and protect our natural resources?

Use Renewable Energy.

What do you do with empty soda cans to conserve natural resources?


What the government is doing to conserve your natural resources?

no they are not doing anything

Why is it important to protect your natural resources?

If you don't protect/conserve your natural resources, then your kids or your kid's kids won't have them to use if they need them.

Harm if you not conserve natural resources?

Many natural resources are finite or limited. If they are not conserved and continue to be wasted as they are now, they will eventually run out.

What is Natural resources and suggestions measures to conserve them?

the imperialism and anti imperialsim.

Describe how you can conserve natural resources at home?


What did people do to conserve natural resources back then?

depends on what you mean by "back then".

What might happen if people do not conserve natural resources?

there will be nothing in the world

Roosevelt also took steps to conserve America's _______.?

natural resources

Which of these activities can help conserve natural resources?

recycling cardboard boxes

WHY is IT important to conserve all natural resources?

To keep your inviorment safe.