How can white phosphorus?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: How can white phosphorus?
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Does white phosphorus burn easily?

White phosphorus is very flammable.

Which common allotropes are red and white?


Does red phosphorus glow?

No only white phosphorus will

What is the most common form of phosphorus?

White Phosphorus

Is white phosphorus made up of molecules or atoms?

White phosphorus has molecules formed from 4 atoms.

What is the oxidation number of phosphorus in white phosphorus?

zero oxidation number

Is white phosphorus in smoke incendiary or atomic and nuclear warheads?

White phosphorus is used in some incendiary bombs (e.g. phosphorus and napalm), but not in any nuclear bombs.

What element's allotropes are based upon their colors?

Phophorus, whose allotropes are red phosphorus, white phosphorus , black phosphorus, violet phosphorus

What color is phosphurus?

it is commonly found as white (also yellow) phosphorus and red phosphorus and scientists made purple phosphorus and black phosphorus

How do you make a phosphorus liquid?

The white phosphorus melt at 44,2 0 0C.

The exact 3D structure of white phosphorus?

A white phosphorus molecule is in the shape of a regular tetrahedron, that is a pyramid with an equilateral triangle for its base. At each corner of the molecule is a phosphorus atom.

What is an antonym for phosphorus?

white phosoprus