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Go to Planned Parenthood or other clinic. You have an absolute right to confidentiality. However I would advise you to tell someone you trust as you will need support during and after the procedure.

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Q: How can you abort a baby after six weeks without surgery or parents finding out?
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What is the best way to abort without taking any drug?

By surgery. If there is no doctor involved it is a illegal abortion.

How can you abort on your own after 2 months?

You can not abort yourself. By now you need an abortion done by surgery.

How do you abort 3 mos baby?

By surgery at the doctors.

How do you abort a baby at 12 weeks?

By surgery by a doctor.

How do women abort?

They go to the doctor and get the abortion pill or surgery.

Is there any ways to abort beside taking medicine?

Yes, by surgery.

Can you abort at15 weeks?

Yes by surgery but it can be hard to find a clinic.

How do you get abort in one month with out consulting doctor?

There are no ways to abort without consulting a doctor. And honestly I wouldn't want to because there is a chance of septicemia, hemmorhage and death. You just have to get the guts to let your parents know and get the proper care.

Can cytotec abort a 4 month fetus?

No, only surgery can after week 9.

Can cytotec abort 3month old fetus?

No, after 9th week it has to be done by surgery.

Can you abort at three months with medicine?

No, the limit is up to 9 weeks. After that it has to be by surgery.

How do you get rid of an unwanted pregnancy?

You have to see a doctor. Only he can give you the pills or surgery to abort.

Can you abort your 3rd month pregnanc in home with any tablets?

No. Past 9 weeks it has to be by surgery.

What do doctors do about tube pregnancy?

Abort it by medicine or surgery. It's not viable and will kill the mother if not removed.

How do you abort 1 month pregnancy naturally?

You have to ask a doctor for that. It's unsafe and illegal to abort without consulting a doctor.

How do you abort the baby?

A doctor will help you with that by either medicine or surgery. You can read more about it on the Planned Parenthood website.

How do you abort 3 month baby?

Abortion after the 9th week can only be done by surgery. See a doctor.

What a medicine to take to abort 5 months fetus?

A medical abortion is not possible at 5 months, the limit is 9 weeks. Attempting it now would be very dangerous for you, you can die and not abort. It has to be done by surgery.

How do they abort a child?

By medicine where a miscarriage is induced or surgery where they suck the womb clean or scrape it first and then use suction.

How do you abort your 3 month baby at home?

There is no way to do that, it's even to late for a medical abortion. It has to be by surgery by a doctor.

What is a sentence with the word 'abort' in it?

You are not allowed to abort a baby in Ireland.

What can a 16 year old do if her parents are obligating her to abort?

Go some were else and have your baby alone don't let people make decisions for you.Legally no one can force you to abort or to have a baby, not even your parents. You should contact a socialworker who can help you if you can't stay at home.

How do they abort unwanted puppies before the dog has them?

Actually, since the dog is not spayed at this time, they would simply abort/remove the puppies at the same time the dog is being spayed. It typically does not cost any more $$ than the cost of the surgery alone.

What Medicines that can abort 4 month old baby?

A medical abortion is only possible up to week 9/63 days. Past that it has to be by surgery.

What is a disadvantage of analysing chromosome number and the genetic sequences in the amniotic fluid allowing the doctor to diagnose the gender of the baby as well as any genetic disease in the baby?

Because the parents might choose to abort a baby that isn't of the preferred gender (if the parents wanted a boy they might abort a fetus that is a girl).