How can you achieve peace in your life?

  1. How to achieve peace

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      Keeping your inner world organized- emotional - financial - and relational (relating to the world around you) will bring you one step closer on your journey to a peaceful inner life. Finding peace is the first step in finding self-satisfaction. Knowing peace, your whole life will change: You'll gain in health, eat right, talk with confidence and you'll not need as much sleep because you'll have more energy, more time and more love for everyone. Bringing yourself peace will bring you to a more connected place with the world where all creatures become your friends and allies. You will connect to others in ways you never thought possible.Finding peace requires Organization of your inner world in these three areas:Emotional. Financial. Relational.

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      Emotional: Deal with your past. Resentments, judging and blaming others keeps us in a self imposed prison. All of hell can be traced back to how you felt you were wronged, that you are the victim of someone else's actions; be they parents, teacher's ex lovers or siblings. Our own emotional poison has to be dealt with for us to find peace. Forgive them, forgive yourself. Forgiveness is worth more than gold. With all of this baggage gotten rid of, you become more alkaline- less acidic-more generous, more kind and more loving. By organizing and cleaning out the closet of your past, the more able to spend your time on joy, doing what you love, being in a consciousness of productive or "producing" thinking, thus more relaxed, calm and centered you'll be. You dream the world into being…be the person you want them to see you as. Each face, each contact you have throughout the day with any other human being is your chance to see how you're doing by their reactions to you! For we are all each other's mirrors.Constantly be shining yours! It wasn't their fault! Accept responsibility for what you have done and move on- admit your mistakes. Re-invent yourself to be beautiful…there's still time!

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      Financial: This area has to be kept organized! Live for what you want- make as much or as little as you want/need, but live within your means! Know when enough is enough. You don't need everything. Capitalism doesn't have contentment built into its thinking: One is constantly waging a battle with one's desires! Think how less obese we'd be as a society, think about how much time and money we'd save just being happier with less! Pay your bills on time. Don't incur too much debt. Help others as you can. Be strong for each other. But the real value of our efforts in the coming years will be about the human qualities: Sharing, generosity, gentleness, kindness…these will carry a much greater value in American society as it collapses over the next few years.One will not have to be rich, in the future, only peaceful. Pay off your debts! Don't incur new ones! Really, think about it, how much do you need? Establish a budget and stick to it. Keep your finances, your desires and your wants organized. Next to one's emotional terrain, this is the area of your life that should be given the most attention. Aimlessly buying stuff, always needing more things will not heal the wounds . Money should be a tool to happiness, not the happiness we seek.

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      Relational:How you treat others, how you treat the world, how you treat your pets, the ants, the bugs and the animals, is how you will be treated. This is a common law, axiom, paradigm…call it what you will, and this goes for humans as well as for nations. Some call it Karma. To brutally attack a defenseless nation with no provocation sends a very clear message: It's OK to brutalize, to bully, to ostracize, to inflame, to incite and to torture, when in fact, it's not alright. This has been the battleground since humans have been on the planet: Good vs. evil. Both reside in us. On a more microcosmic level you want to be treated well, and this would give you peace, you say "yes, I agree," so the real work one must do on this journey we call being alive, is yourself. Your inner soul, mind and being is the playing field. How you react to situations, others and words will be your savior. Thus, being internally organized, you know at the center of your being you are good, you are worthy, you are competent your abilities are valued, you know what your weaknesses are and you're always in competition with yourself to correct and improve. You work your strength, you treat people with care, with kindness, and you do well for goodness sake. This is how we make our sphere of influence felt. Without guile and bitterness you go through the day, gracious in the knowing that at least for this day, I will make this world a better world to live in. Slowly the veil lifts from your eyes, and you see all of creation struggling, yearning, breathing in front of you. And because it felt so good, you tried it again, the next day, taking baby steps, re-learning innocence, humility and another day, then more days are spent in this consciousness, you start putting an X on the calendar of every day that this feeling of goodness, calm, compassion washed over you.One day you notice that you forgot about all of the things that made you so bitter.

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      Peace is invaluable…having the time to be peaceful is what living, for me, is about. The wealth of calm, a rich inner life, and the time to enjoy its riches, is awaiting you. There is much prosperity in peace.