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How can you apologize perfectly in four words?


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its not my fault i'm really, really sorry! i'm really, really sorry!

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To apologize (verb) is to issue an apology (noun).

Apologize/apologizes is the present tense.I apologizeWe apologizeYou apologizeHe/she apologizesThey apologize

Apologetic, apologize, apostles and apostolic are words. They begin with the letters APO.

I am not completely sure, I apologize, but I believe maybe four or six ;)

There are several possibilities. i apologize to you. I apologize for my behavior. I apologize with contrition.

yes that is when you are asked to withdraw something you said or to apologize four something you said or did

thank you, please, welcome, no thank-you, i apologize

What is apologize mean? Apologize mean, when you do something wromg you need to sorry to the people that you done something wrong and that is call apologize.

never apologize for your mistakes. He Apologized to her.

Here are some sentences.You should apologize for trying to cheat.I want you to apologize to her.

Apologize, apologize, apologize, and then get someone to fix it.

"Apologize to her" is correct, unless both of you are apologizing to a third person.

yes you have to apologize, especially if you would apologize if it was someone else.

to / forI want to apologize to youI want to apologize for last my behaviour last night

I apologize for my friends remarks.

I think you should apologize privately

Achievement, agreement, apologize, arrested and audit are meaningful words. Able, athletic, attractive and artistic are meaningful words.· authority· awesome

Apologize - OneRepublicActually the name of the song is Apologize, and One Republic sings it. :)

The words "love you" are perfectly adequate.

Four and thirty-four hundredths

A synonym for apologize is "Regret".im sorry

The correct UK spelling uses an S as apologise.The correct US spelling uses a Z as apologize.

If the person you need to apologize to lives where you do then go to their home and face them and apologize face to face instead of texting them or phoning them. If the person you want to apologize to is an online friend then send them an ecard and apologize. Good friends will try to understand and accept the apology.

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