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Rather than ask your family to jeopardize their credit, why not get a debit card until you've built up your own credit? First, it assures family that you won't default on payments and make THEM pay, and second it lets YOU build up a credit score. It's far more mature as well.

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These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

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Q: How can you apply for a credit card if you cannot get your own but have a family member with excellent credit who will cosign?
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How do you find private individual to loan money or cosign for a loan?

You'd need to ask your friends and family. No one you don't know is going to cosign for you, and a lot of people you do know may turn you down also. Answer If you need someone to cosign a loan because you cannot obtain it on your own, you should not get a loan. All you are doing, in essence, is passing on the problem to another person, who will likely end up paying for both. Improve your habits and credit history and wait until you can do this on your own.

What happens to your credit if you cosign for a family member as a favor and they fail to make timely payments on it?

You will have the same BAD results as if you had co-signed for a total stranger. Anytime a loan is not paid,not paid on time or defaulted on, the credit results are BAD for anyone signatory to the loan.

If i cosign a loan for refinancing a home for a family member and they default what can happen?

You will be responsible for the money.

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The best, but little known resource for credit improvement can be found at Family Credit, a fully accredited credit counseling non profit organization based out of the United States. If you qualify for their services, Family Credit will work with your past creditors to lower your fees and improve your credit score. Family Credit receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the leading consumer review organization in the United States.

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