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It is always a breach of etiquette to do so. Sometimes it 'must be done,' but it is never appropriate.

Will you be quiet?Or politely, I'm afraid I have to ask you to lower your voice, because (make up a reason.. eg. The baby is asleep)
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Q: How can you ask someone to be quiet?
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How do you get someone to be quiet in the middle of a movie?

Ask them to be quiet first. Try to wisper to them please be quiet multiple times. Try ignoring them. If the person is so disturbing and you believe it is necessary, get up and find someone who works at the theater and ask for assistance. They should be able to handle it from there.

No will go out with you but why i am quiet popular?

If you are considered "popular" so to speak then chances are people are too nervous or scared to ask you out because they may feel that you may reject them. Don't wait around for someone to ask you out - if there is someone that you are interested in then ask them out.

Why are you not allowed to say shut up in school?

It is being rude and bossy. Instead, you should ask someone to be quiet.

What is quiet will of iron?

Someone who has a quiet will of iron is someone who doesn't flaunt his stubborn qualities but is unalterable.

How do you get a quiet man to ask you out i know he likes me?

Ask him out

What do you do when your boyfriend is quiet?

Just stare at him for 1 min and ask wy u quiet!!!

What is the verb for quiet?

The verb of quiet is quieten. For example "to quieten something or someone".

How do you tell the people to be quiet in a tennis match?

Tell them to be quiet so the players can think and if they still won't be quiet ask them to leave.

How do you tell a guy that you like him when he already likes someone else?

Umm well go up to him a quiet place and tell him or ask a friend to tell him

How do you make somebody be quiet?

No one can "make" someone else do anything. When you wish someone would be quiet you can:ask them, politely, to be quiettell them, politely, that they are making it hard to hearwalk away; get up and leaveignore the personAnswerActually, you can make somebody be quiet. It's called an injunction or "gag order" wherein that person is ordered by the court or government to not talk about something. Other than that, most people will be quiet when they realize they are being too loud or they are discussing something that they shouldn't be.

What is an example of peace?

When someone is quiet after a protest

What do you do if you are annoyed by a loud child in a restaurant?

tip the waiter and ask him/her to ask the child's guardian to quiet him/her :)

What is 'Can you be quiet' in Spanish?

¿Puede usted estar tranquilo? would be the best way to ask "Can you be quiet?" in Spanish.

What is a soft snickering?

A quiet laugh, usually at someone.

What is the easiest way to ask someone out?

get someone to ask them out for you

You think this boy likes you in your class i catch him looking at you sometimes and some of his guy friends said he likes you but hes kinda quiet around me what should you do to make him ask you out?

ask him out or tell him you really like like him Well he does like you that's why hes quiet around you and if he is quiet then he wont ask you out. So you make the first step.

Something they ask you to do in church?

pray, kneel, be quiet, tithe, and sing

How do you get people to shut up?

You can politely ask them to be quiet in a friendly tone.

What is loquaciousness?

Someone who talks a lot and doesn't know how to be quiet .

How do you get someone drunk to be quiet?

Let's play the game of silence!

You like someone but you dont know that he likes you or not?

ask them. or get someone you know to ask them

How do you get someone to ask me out?

why ask this online..

How do you convince your boyfriend you wont lie anymore?

you have to ask him to go to a quiet closet and then do it.

Name something they ask you to do at a church?

stand up be quiet pray sing

Why did paula Abduel quiet American Idol?

she did not quit someone fired her :(