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Yakumo Tsukamoto, she has Black hair and is very quiet, she is Tenma's younger sister.

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Q: Who is tenma's sister in school rumble?
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When did School Rumble happen?

School Rumble happened in 2006.

When was School Rumble created?

School Rumble was created in 2006.

Is there more than one seasons in school rumble anime?

There are two Seasons: School Rumble and School Rumble 2nd Semester.

What is the duration of School Rumble?

The duration of School Rumble is 1500.0 seconds.

How does the school rumble manga end?

I have no Idea. I only know and seen the School Rumble anime

What episode of school rumble is tenma's birthday?

It's in the 14th episode of school rumble second semester

What show has a high school called Yagami High School?

School Rumble

What is school rumble?

A Japanese animation show

How many episodes are in school rumble?

School rumble has 26 episodes There is 2 Season so don't be sad if your almost on episode 26 ;P

What episode on school rumble was it when Yakumo falls on harima?

School Rumble: 2nd Semester Episode 14 - "At El Cado... In America (26f)... With America (26h)..."

What are some romantic anime on Netflix?

School Rumble

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