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School Rumble: 2nd Semester Episode 14 - "At El Cado... In America (26f)... With America (26h)..."

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Q: What episode on school rumble was it when Yakumo falls on harima?
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What is school rumble?

A Japanese animation show

Who danced with Karen in School Rumble?

Actually, no one did. Ichijo-san was singing in the school band during the dance.

What episode in sailor moon when Amy goes to med school?

Do you mean episode 5, Computer School Blues?

What episode of Ant Farm does Lexi try to get in the school paper?

episode 3

What episode in Ouran High School Host Club has Halloween?

That would be episode 21. ''Until the Day it Becomes a Pumpkin!''

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What is School Rumble all about?

It is mostly about Tsukamoto Tenma and her relationship with Karusama Oji. However, Harima Kenji, Tsukamoto Yakumo, and Sawachika Eri also play a large role.

How old is harima from school rumble?

Harima is 18 years old:)

How old is haruma from school rumble?

Harima has 21 years old.

Who are the couples in school rumble?

Mikoto and hanai,harima and eri,tenma and karasuma,karen and imadori,

Who are the school rumble couples?

Mikoto and hanai,harima and eri,tenma and karasuma,karen and imadori,

What episode do harima and yakamo kiss?

i don't think she does confess in a actually scene or episode, but in 3rd term episode 1, in the start they show she saying that she loves him, but i did research every where, but still no follow ups on the episode where that part is. To my belief i think it was in the middle of 2nd and 3rd semester, but they never made the episode for it, cause they probably didn't know how to make harima to respond to her confess so they left it out and leaving with millions with confusion and startled watchers and fans, and also the moment when harima handcuffs yakumo to save her and they almosted kissed, but hey, i don't know if they did or didn't, but they never made a scene of that ether, if i was the makers of School Rumble i would have completed the episodes and made the fans happy, cause when i watched School Rumble there was alot of emotions every time i watched a scene. -Hope this helps some of you, if u got any info or comments, i would love to see what you thought the story should have turned out. -love you all lots

Do eri and harima have a kid together in school rumble z?

yes they do. If you read school rumble z, the last chapter shows the two together with an infant visiting karasuma.

In School Rumble Does Eri like Harima?

Yes she does. She tries to hide it around everyone but deep down she really does :)

Who are the characters in school rumble?

Tenma, Mikoto, Eri, Akira, Harima, Yakumo, Hanai, Imadori, Ichijo, Lala exuse me if they're spelled wrong. Tougou, Harry, Suga, Auso, Tennoji, Nishimoto, Nara, Yoshidayama, Karasuma, Itoko, Fuyuki, Mai, Yuuki, Mr. Tani... and many, many more.

Who is tenma's sister in school rumble?

Yakumo Tsukamoto, she has Black hair and is very quiet, she is Tenma's younger sister.

What episode of school rumble is tenma's birthday?

It's in the 14th episode of school rumble second semester

How old is yakamo from school rumble?

Tenma is about 16 years old (until her birthday episode, where she is of course one year older) and because Yakumo is only one year younger than Tenma, I would say about 15 years old.