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Q: How can you back up my saves in spore for PC?
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How do you back up your saves in minecraft So you can get the Mo Creatures mod?

On a Windows PC , in the start menu search, type "" (no quotes) and press enter. Find the ".minecraft" folder. Open it, open the "saves" file, copy the folders in there to a folder on your desktop. To restore the saves, clear the "saves" folder and copy the old folders back.

What is theme on spore PC?

To make your own little peoples and use those peoples to make friends and blow up other peoples.

Give a sentence using the word spore?

the spore of the plant rose up and hit me in the face

How do you back up files on PC?

With an external hard drive =D

How do you start playing the game spore after you have installed it?

You look for it in your programs and find the application SPORE. It will come up.

Which is better Mercenaries 2 for PC or Spore?

I would say spore. 50$=500000 hours of fun it seems like u can never beat the game there is always something to do weather it is building up your tribe or taking over planets you will always have something to do. The game is also very addicting you wont be able to get off of it.but Mercenaries 2 is also very fun, but i will so go with spore

How do you level up on spore creatures?

you dont

Hi i just downloaded spore free trial PC and when i click to open it nothing happens what do you do?

OK this it not the answer its an edit. OK it starts up and install-shield wizard installs and when it is done it says that i must stop spore trial edition to continue wtf do. so I'm going to going to smash this laptop omfg

What should you do before performing a hardware upgrade on a PC?

back up all the date

Your Spore is slow how do you speed it up?

have a super drink

Can you get spore for free anywhere but not sign up?

No you cant

How do you change your character on spore when in the 4th fase?

Sorry no changing the spore after creature stage. I know ,it's annoying. If you want you're spore gain it's health back when it's dying press, shift, Ctrl, C , at the same time and a window will pop up and type in it, refillmotives . You can contact MAXIS on and tell him you're complaint.