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How can you be 4 weeks pregnant but really only 2 weeks pregnant?


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no if you wore you should get rid of it because your too young

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Absolutely. You can ovulate within about 2 weeks of a miscarriage and if you ovulate and have sex you can get pregnant.

NO, these tests only can tell if you are pregnant or are not pregnant.

NO. You wont even know if you're 2 weeks pregnant. Most women are already 4-5 weeks along before they miss their period.2 weeks pregnant is actually really 4 weeks since they count from the first day of your last period. So there really is no such thing as 2 weeks pregnant. And many women (especially on 2nd and 3 child) have started to show around 5 to 6 weeks. So the answer could be yes in this situation.

At only 2 weeks pregnant, your stomach wouldn't feel like anything. 2 weeks pregnant is technically considered the time of conception, give or take a few days. The number of weeks you are pregnant starts from the first day of your last period, and conception takes place roughly 2 weeks after that. So at 2 weeks, you are barely even pregnant, and it would not even show up on a pregnancy test for at least 2 more weeks.

You don't know your pregnant at 2 weeks. 2 weeks pregnant is the time of ovulation.

Yes you can i did! i had a positive test 2 midwife appointment and a scan that revealed i was only 6 weeks!

no maybe your only having an LBM

some women can tell after 2 weeks but the majority of women need to wait till their period is due.

Pregnancy begins once the egg is fertilized which is about 2 weeks after the first day of your menstrual period. Once you miss your first period, technically you have been pregnant 2 weeks, but you are really considered pregnant for 4 weeks.

frog are pregnant for 2-5 weeks.

2 months pregnant. 4 weeks in a month, 4*2=8. 8 weeks in 2 months. :)

Most women don't even know they are pregnant at that point. There should be very few symptoms of pregnancy if any, at only 2 weeks pregnant.

It depends .You can probley take one two weeks after,It would probley be best to wait a few weeks so the test will be rite .Because some test say your not pregnant when you really are.So to be sure you really are wait for like 2 weeks .

their weeks are like our months. for her, its been like only 2 or 3 months then. think what you would get.....

They consider your LMP (Last Monthly Period) to be the starting day of your last period, they track the 40 weeks of pregnancy from that, but no, it's not the actually day where you ovulated and got pregnant. You usually ovulate about 2 weeks AFTER your LMP so technically when you are "4 weeks pregnant" the baby is only 2 weeks.

24 weeks ago. 24 weeks, or or 5 1/2 months ago.

You can only tell 2 weeks after sex at the earliest

I really doubt it because at 8 weeks which is 2 months your hcg level should be from anything of 99-140 so if it's 2 i don't thing you still can be pregnant

Only if you have missed your period. Yes. You can find out you are pregnant two weeks after intercourse exactly or you can go by the date of your next upcoming period.

Noooooooo , remove the un pregnant hamster from the cage and put it in a separate one the un pregnant hamster will eat your pregnant hamsters babies you have 2-3 weeks to get another cage because hamsters are only pregnant for 2-3 weeks good luck

No it means you got pregnant about 8 weeks ago. pregnancy is counted from 2 weeks before conception.

14 weeks pregnant is about 3 and 1/2 months.

you look the same as you would before you found out you were pregnant . you wont be able to really tell until your around 10 weeks (that was when i started getting a pudge) some people are different though but i do know that you wont be showing at 2 weeks haha .

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