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To be a Christian and yet practice Buddhism is impossible, you can only fully practice one or the other.

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Buddhist monks are well known for practicing Buddhism, Christian monks tend not to.

A sacrament is a Christian belief or practice to show an act or thing related to the deity. Buddhism has no deities, no sacraments and do not follow Christian practices.

Buddhism is the religion. Buddhist practice Buddhism.

No African countries practice Buddhism as their main religion.

I'm not sure about North Korea, but Buddhism is a major religion in South Korea. South Korea is also very Christian.

Buddhists practice Buddhism is the US.

The Vietnamese practice Buddhism

Between 0.8 to 3.25 percent of people in India practice Buddhism.

they practice it in the confins of a temple

This practice was invented by they Buddhism religion.

The teachings of Buddha.

the religion of Buddhism is almost as same as the Christian

Yes, Buddhism believes in sexual equality.

No. Buddhism is an Asian religion the predates Christianity by hundreds of years.

Christmas is a "Christian Holiday" the Muslims practice a different religion which has nothing to do with Christianity, people of the Jewish faith do not celebrate Christmas either, neither do people who practice Zen or Buddhism

Buddhism is practiced throughout the world. It is more prevalent in Asian countries.

Six % of the world population practice Buddhism.

I am no authority on the best intro to Buddhism books, but some that seem to be popular are: Buddhism Plain and Simple Buddhism for Beginners How to Practice : The Way to a Meaningful Life I learned from the How to Practice book and just on-line studying.

Shinto Buddhism,Zen Buddhism,Christian but predominantly Buddhist

The practice of Buddhism is expressed in many different ways in the US. Some people may practice privately in their homes or they may attend Meditation centers or Buddhist centers.

There are no sacraments in Buddhism as in Catholicism and other Christian Religions. Buddhism is not a religion in the western sense, it is more a philosophical approach. See What is Buddhism for further information

No, taekwondo is a Korean sport. Although many Koreans have adopted Christianity, the traditional religion of Korea is Buddhism. That being said, there is nothing anti-Christian about taekwondo. Many Christians practice taekwondo.